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Business Development Series Volume 3: (Non-for-Profits, Tech Alliance)

"We rise by lifting others" - Robert Ingersoll

Tech, Tech, Tech Alliance, building start-ups with all of our science!!

Throughout my time in London, Ontario I have been able to learn from so many different people and learn about so many different opportunities out there in the world today, and I couldn't thank anybody, but Tech Alliance. Tech Alliance is a tech non for profit, which helps startup and scale-ups reach their goals, aspirations, and their vision. This company has definitely changed my life, and their courses, community, and all around vibe has enabled me to become the entrepreneur that I am today!

Our collaboration will be great simply because my product the RKease workshop has elements within the workshop that actually align with the values of the company.

Case Study #1

Employee appreciation is one aspect that Tech Alliance embodies in their company culture. It can be proven, I'll provide an example soon, but lets define what employee appreciation means. Employee appreciation also can be defined as the act of recognizing and acknowledging an employee's efforts, hard work, and contributions to an organization. It involves expressing gratitude, acknowledging accomplishments, and providing positive feedback to employees to help boost their morale and motivation. This is the definition, but how can we prove that Tech Alliance does this?!


During the Fanshawe College Employee Appreciation day, Christian Fox the CEO gave a speech about hiring a Fanshawe College graduate and how much she means to her company. Therefore if she is able to make a speech about her, during my workshop I have this same element but a jingle instead called making a jingle about an employee characteristic.

Case Study #2: Team Chemistry

Andrew Leest the manager of Tech Alliance was able to do the RKease workshop, as well as Davie Lee from Interval Ai and was able to do the round where we make a jingle about your employee's favourite characteristic!! This built team chemistry, and proved that Tech Alliance had a healthy workplace culture because he knew Andrew so well. His jingle was "Andrew was nervous, but he had a good service!." Now this can be proven in this video below when he did the Robotics fireside chat.

Case Study #3: Philanthropic

Every time you go to a Tech Alliance networking event, you see that they portion of their funds to bolster the London community and the less fortunate. They partnered with the 519 pursuit in order to help fight against the homelessness crisis within the Forest City.

We align in our values of philanthropy because I have the Kongopreneurs, as well which is a small group chat teaching entrepreneurial skills and values to professionals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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