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Entrepreneurial Journey: Books

"Today a reader, tomorrow a leader" - Margaret Fuller

Reading a book, turning the page, gaining wisdom, becoming a sage

I know, I haven't blogged for a while now, but that's because I have been building other areas of my business, such as trying to acquire customers, going through the GROW Accelerator at Tech Alliance, and finding a job in order to pay certain bills to stay afloat within my city. Throughout my entrepreneurial journey it has forced me to be in so many uncomfortable situations, that has accelerated me to grow in so many ways that I can only imagine. Personally, one of the greatest aspects of my entrepreneurial journey has been reading books.

Currently, I have an online library with different categories of books within my bookshelf. The categories stem from business, history, investing, personal development and health, psychology, relationships, spirituality, stress management, and technology. All of these different sections of books has been able to shape my personality, insights, wisdom, knowledge, and business acumen to be not only a sound entrepreneur, but also a greater overall human being. Without these books, I am not sure how I would be able to formulate ideas, generate a vision for my enterprise and continue to press on with my entrepreneurial journey. My favourite book to read as of right now for business certainly has been the "Theory of Moral Sentiments" by Adam Smith.

Theory of Moral Sentiments by Adam Smith

The Theory of Moral Sentiments is an extremely profound book, but even though it's not typically considered a business book, more of a self-help book, the concepts within it definitely can make you a better overall entrepreneur. He emphasises so much of the importance of empathy, caring, selflessness, and benevolence within society, your community, and humanity in general. These principles are relevant for business because in order for you to have a great business, your product or service needs to be solving a problem for your customer and make them the better version of themselves, rather than you trying to become wealthy. Having the understanding of benevolence and good-will enables you to look at things from another person's perspective and you can gain more insights on to how to improve your target market's life, which will eventually lead to you getting sales and product-market fit.

Also empathy is an extremely important leadership quality for a founder because when you have a staff of people to help you build your business and your enterprise you need to place them in the best positions to be able to succeed. The more your able to step into their shoes and understand their pains, you can create systems to help correct any missteps they make and accommodate them the best as possible, so they can work as efficiently as possible to increase productivity.

Overall reading has been a cornerstone of my entrepreneurial journey and by continuing this consistently it will enable me to keep growing continuously and be a prime example for generations to come and be a bright light within society. I hope you enjoy my blog stay tuned for the next one, peace! :)

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