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Iteration 2: The RKease Workshop

"Few ideas work on the first try. Iteration is the key to innovation" - Sebastian Thrun

Iterate, iterate, making changes in order to be great

Now in order to develop a sound service that is going to be able to make a difference within the marketplace, it takes a great amount of iteration in order to innovate and be unique. Throughout my product development, I have been iterating continuously so that I can be able to create a service that can be purchased in the marketplace in order to build a profitable business and brand. There are some iterations and changes which I have made for the workshop in order to make it more engaging, memorable, as well making it reflect the BIPOC community to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion!

First of all, which I added in the workshop is the appreciation of my ancestors because in black history in Africa we always honoured and revered our ancestors and their knowledge. They paved the way for us and the legacy they left for us is what we pick up and add too. Therefore, I call myself the black coping strategist, since I am teaching corporations how to manage their stress the way the BIPOC community would manage their stress. In order to build authenticity, originality, and make myself distinct in the marketplace so that no one would have seen this workshop before.

Another iteration that I added was a concept in which I coined called "Stress-less jingles." Stress-less jingles, are jingles that I add for brand awareness and to keep the audience engaged on my socials, such as tiktok and Instagram. Building brand awareness is vital for my brand because it exemplifies who I am, and gives users a feel of the RKease experience. Therefore, I added it to the workshop to give the introduction a punch so that consumers are automatically engaged as soon as I start.

Another aspect that I added was that each slide has jingles within it and that I am going to say the jingle and then have the audience say the jingle to get them used to saying jingles and get them engaged. For the workshop, I want people to feel enlivened as well and mainly enhance engagement so it feels like they are a part of the story themselves. Plus, whenever you deliver a workshop and you have people follow along they won't fall asleep and feel like they are apart of something.

With that being said, these are some of the iterations that I have made to the workshop and I feel like it's going to debut and it's going to be fantastic to exemplify to the world!!

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