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LeapIN Business Acclerator (Week 1)

"Play by the rules but be ferocious" - Phil Knight

Day 1!

The LeapIN Business Accelerator begins and I am full of anxiety, nervousness, and passion on the inside. I have been working with Leap Junction for almost three years prior to this moment and have coveted the opportunity to be in this program since I heard of it's inception. Through my hardwork and dedication, I was able to get accepted after the advisors had faith in my proposal during the second interview.

I arrive early on the first day and sit in the Leap office, waiting for the members of the cohort to arrive. I am elated and extremely ecstatic because I finally get to start this journey that I have been anticipating for years now. Everyone arrives and we go to the classroom where we introduce ourselves, our business, and make ourselves known to the cohort. With sheer confidence, I pronounced my business and let everyone know what RKease is about, which is a stress management business designed to help produce workshops to educate people on how to manage their stressors, so they can have more prosperous and efficient lives. The other members were happy because they fed off my enthusiasm and energy! The guest speakers which came in were all gracious, supportive, and were extremely happy to be apart of our entrepreneurial journey.

A guest speaker which stuck out to me was definitely the banker. He gave us so much wisdom on how to make it in business, but the one piece of advice which I took away from was that in order to make it you must seek for help. You can't build a business by yourself, you are in it for yourself, but your not by yourself. That's the level of humility and attitude which I want to operate with when I am conducting business because with that mentality it will only lead to success. Another pricinple I learned from our facilitator David Ouellette is that it's better to be "done than perfect." This means that you have to have a progressive mentality and not a perfectionsit mentality. If you are waiting for everything to be perfect then you will never get anything done because there is never a perfect time for anything, there will always be a degree of uncertainity which will play in and you have to manage that uncertainty and keep going regardless. These lessons are what I learned in my week 1 and it was extremely beneficial for my growth and I can't wait to learn more lessons and share with you all. Cheers!

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