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Mantra: Rest is Reason

"As long as the brain is at rest, a man enjoys his reason"' - Hippocrates

We've all heard of Google's, "Do the Right Thing", Apple's, "Think Different", and even Disney's "Fun, Family, Entertainment". But why do companies have slogans and these short sayings to convey their beliefs to people. Even though most call them slogans, we have a better word for it in the 21st century and that is called a mantra. Now what is a mantra exactly, and how does that play into business, especially the business of RKease Inc.


Let's go back to antiquity and give a brief history lesson to understand the history of mantras. Mantras have their roots from the sound "om" which is the sound of creation from the ancient seers and sages of Ancient India. The etymology of mantra means "to think", which is the reason why this ancient word has stayed the test of time. Scholars also say mantras have existed since the Vedic Age, which is around 1000 BC.According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a mantra is a word or phrase that is often repeated and expresses a strong belief. Lastly, mantras have been utilised in healing practices, such as yoga and meditation to calm the mind, body, and spirit from any afflictions to achieve a level of tranquillity, which segways into the original intent of this blog as to why mantras are being utilised in business, especially in RKease Inc.

Mantra in etymology means "to think", and business starts with the letter b for believe. A business entity utilises branding, sales and marketing campaigns to sell products and services to their market of choice to instil their own beliefs and values within their customers to build loyalty. Without something to believe in, you can't build a customer base who will follow you when things get bad or when things get tough. Also a mantra is utilised in business internally to keep employees focused and on track and to make sure they are making sound decisions which align with their core values.


Therefore, the mantra that I have created for RKease Inc. is "Rest is Reason." We believe that logic, intelligence, creativity, and innovation, is all predicated on how tranquil and serene your mind is. If your mind is in chaos internally and you can't have inner peace then you can't accomplish anything in your business, career, or even in life. As a result, we believe in the principles of recovery, stillness, meditation, relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing, singing, etc. in order to calm the mind down. This is the foundation of our brand messaging and our business. All of our stress management workshops are tailored to enable people to have a tranquil and peaceful experience, so they can learn how to manage their stressors, in order to have prosperous lives. Rest is Reason, Reason is rest have to get the stress of your chest off your chest, off your chest, off your chest, off your chest, off your chest, off your chest, off your chest!!

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