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Perception 6: The Power of Focus

"Always remember your focus determines your reality" - George Lucas

In my last blog, I spoke on the power of positive thinking, optimism, it's benefits, and how even that was my mindset to help me get out of my negative circumstances when being sick. Due to my positive attitude, whenever I was sick, I focused on recovery and today I am standing and able to be the man I am today. Today's blog, I want to elaborate on the power of focus and how that shapes our perception.

One of the most powerful things any person can do, especially if they are striving for mastery in a certain area is to be able to have laser eye focus. According to the Cambridge dictionary, focus means, "careful attention that is given to something such as a task, or the ability to give your full attention to something". Therefore, it's important to have focus in all areas of life in order to be efficient and prosperous. One of my favourite authors of all time is Robert Kiyosaki, and he has a company called the Rich Dad Company which specialises in financial education. He created a book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad, the Cashflow Quadrant, and even co-authored a book with Donald Trump. One of the most important concepts he spoke of in his book series is his acronym FOCUS. When you dissect it, which means follow one course until successful. He said the difference between wannabe entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who actually make it are the ones who don't want to get rich quick, but rather focus on a specific asset class or sector in business and fail forward until you reach mastery.

In order to be practical and add an example to this advice, I had to do this for my company, RKease. In the beginning, I actually tried to become a jingle artist and wanted to make jingles or theme songs for companies, which sounded amazing, but unfortunately people didn't want to purchase them. It was a revenue stream for me in my business model canvas, but after doing tests, assumptions, and experiments, I came to the conclusion that I should remove it from my revenue model because it was so hard to enter the music community in London. Also, I wouldn't know how much to charge for it as well, and it would have taken so much time in order to create jingles for a company, especially when most companies don't need one. Therefore, I started to focus on developing the stress education workshop, making it more interactive, more engaging, and fun. This lead me to come up with the 5 pillar learning system, which are the five subjects I speak on when it comes to stress and stress management. Which was a complete game changer for me as well.

Overall, follow one course until successful in order to reach your goals, and achieve success in whatever endeavour you chose. As, I stated above being able to focus has strengthened my entrepreneurial capabilities and helped my journey tremendously. Therefore, I urge any one reading this too focus and see where it takes you, have a great rest of the day. Peace!! :)

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