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Rkuse Service: Moonies (Community/LA Clippers)

"You can become whatever you want to become, no matter what your background is." - Siya Kolsi

Xavier Moon, Xavier Moon, let's make those socks man, and have the world stay in tune

I remember going to the London Lightning games and seeing Xavier Moon play basketball consistently for the London Lightning, it was great, the fans were cheering, the place was hype, and there were no seats available in the arena at all. It was so funny because I used to go to the practice facility and see them play basketball and it was such a great time!!


Just recently he signed a two way contract which enabled him to be able to play for the Los Angeles Clippers and the Ontario Clippers. Now we have some background information on him, let me break down the business idea that I actually gave him, but he was too busy to pursue it, it was SOCKS!!


Nikola Tesla is by far my favourite engineer in terms of what he has been able to do with his innovations, inventions, and work ethic. Each and everyday I think about stopping his image comes to my mind, and then I keep persisting. Now here is a fun fact that many people don't realise at all. Is that your feet actually has neurons, and if you exercise them enough you can enhance your brain power which is your brain's capacity to absorb more information consistently! Here's another quote from Wikipedia which provides the explanation for that.

"For exercise, Tesla walked between 8 and 10 miles (13 and 16 km) per day. He curled his toes one hundred times for each foot every night, saying that it stimulated his brain cells.[262]" - ("

Now we see the proof is in the pudding and I told him to start this business because according to a report by Essentially Sports, "Statistics show that about 60-65% of NBA players go broke within the first five years of retirement. We wouldn't want Xavier Moon to go broke due to simplistic money management, but how would he have the time to start a business, while he has to play an 82 game season, unless he had a self-paced course that is designed to teach him or asynchronous like how the Elevate Entrepreneurship program was like or the LeapIN Buisness Accelerator was (


This is why in my feature with Tech Alliance (, founder of Tailwind (, Devin Golets (, said these words about me which light a fire in me everyday,

"Kabamba truly believes that his biggest competition is he, himself, and strives to be better by 1%, every single day. “One thing that stood out to me right away about Rashidi is that he is committed to the process of becoming the best entrepreneur he can be. He accepts the challenge, just like he accepted the challenge of being an athlete earlier in his life. He’s committed to learning and improving. He asks for feedback, accepts it, and implements it. It’s awesome to see how much he has grown month over month, and he’s an easy guy to cheer for,” shares Golets."

Basketball is phenomenal, but that's only physical and partially mental, while entrepreneurship is holistically like that. You must keep going to the point where you are going to pass out, but then you always get a little inspiration that keeps you going. Even though that's besides the point, let me keep going in terms of business. Xavier, denied it but we are still cool with him, but I told him that he should make some socks based on how he glides on the court. Everybody would purchase it instantly, and here's another reason why.


In this video Deniz Edwards ( from Morrisette Entrepreneurship ( asked directly what was my expertise in order to justify why I was able to be a Robopreneur so that I am credible in the space to be able to sell it. This is the justification as to why Xavier Moon (, should be able to sell socks, since he glides and is fluid on the basketball court! Here's a youtube video of it below!

With that being said, I hope you enjoy the blog, and stay tuned for more tomorrow, cheers! :)

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