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Unique Selling Proposition: The Power of Music

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." - Henry Ford

Unique selling proposition, keeping it simple, to fulfill my mission

Now in order to sell a product or service in business you need what entrepreneurs call a Unique Selling Proposition. According to the BDC, a unique selling proposition, "defines in a short sentence or two that makes your business better than your competitors and why customers should buy from you—what they care about the most." This enables you to create slogans, developing products, services, how you interact with customers, and it aligns with business growth and strategy. Therefore, for RKease Company, we already have two mantras which makes us unique which I have mentioned in my previous blog, which is "Rest is Reason" and "Culture is Capital". Rest meaning that to unwind, be serene, and tranquil allows you to enhance creative, reasoning, and intellectual faculties. While culture is capital means that the more positive and healthier your workplace culture is, the more capital and revenue your company will be generating.

Now for my unique selling proposition, we are offering stress education workshops to enhance retention, engagement, and reduce workplace stress delivered through music. Music is a cornerstone and foundation of my RKease brand, simply because music is a universal language that everyone speaks, also music is associated with chemistry, great energy, positivity, laughter, and ease. When you hear music you automatically feel the synergy, what this world calls a "vibe", and it also eases workplace stress simultaneously.

Another reason, why I use music is because of delivery and crowd engagement. When it comes to mental health, stress management, and wellness when it is done by healthcare providers it is usually done through workshops, power points, or done through lectures. Therefore, in order to have uniqueness and market differentiation I wanted to use music in order to be distinct so that people can't find this in the marketplace, giving me a competitive advantage!!!

Next music, has a lot of health benefits as well, through music the brain secretes oxytocin, which is called the "love hormone", which induces empathy and trust among companions. Therefore music has a powerful way of social connection and bonding. Now trust and empathy are key cornerstones when it comes to workplace culture, to bring in success. Also when it comes to leadership, Harvard Business Review has many articles speaking on the importance of empathy and trust, and how that correlates to workplace results and positive production.

Lastly, at the end of the day music is my passion and what I enjoy to do to express my emotions, feelings, thoughts, and ideologies. It is one of my passions because I suffer for it, suffering is where passion comes from and that's what I will suffer for in order to showcase my love for it at the end of the day. With that being said, I hope you enjoy my blog and stay tuned for more tomorrow, peace!! :)

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