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5 Pillar Principles: Stress (Adam Smith)

"Money stress is what reminds me of my dad most" - Ted Rall

Stress you call it stringere, watch out, watch out you better beware

In etymology the word "stress" comes from a past participle named "stirngere", which means to "draw tight", it also means, "hardship, oppression, adversity, pressure, narrowness, force." ( The reason why this jingle says you better beware is because people are unaware of financial literacy and are suffering mentally, physically, emotionally, and even spiritually from it. When you feel stressed out, your mind and body are obstructed to the point where you feel like sometimes you are being strangled, can't breathe, can't focus, lack of concentration, and you feel like a ton of bricks are on your head, and also lethargic. The main source of stress for Canadians is MONEY!!

"Money is still the top source of stress for Canadians - and many feel less hopeful about their financial futures" - (

Due to inflation, the cost of bills such as housing, groceries, tuition, and services and goods are rising at an exponential rate. Throughout my research and reading I have been able to come to a few revelations that are insightful and have sparked me to understand that there is a serious issue with the economy and the direction that we are going in the Canadian populous and this gave birth to what we call hustle culture and, where did it even derive from. How did people even get to this reasoning where you have to work extremely hard, have three jobs, two side hustles, and as much on your plate as possible in order to become provide for your family, or even become wealthy, and rich The culprit is Adam Smith!!


Adam Smith is called the father of capitalism and he was responsible for creating the philosophical model of capitalism in which we see today. Economics the study is birthed from him and he is the progenitor of a class of ideas which eventually gave rise to the doctrine of material wealth, success, and fortune. Here are some quotes about him from a book that I got called "American Mania: When More is Not Enough" in the book it states,

"a Scottish professor of moral philosophy named Adam Smith put forth a set of simple principles designed to free the self-interest of the average workingman from the taxes and tariffs of government-controlled mercantilism and to achieve “universal opulence” (Smith’s quaint eighteenth-century term for widespread affluence). Smith’s writings were to become the guiding philosophy of the capitalist enterprise and the bedrock of America’s economic success. Thus knowledge of the time in which Smith lived and in which he formulated his ideas, and the behavioral principles on which those ideas are rested, is essential to understanding the growing discomfort that we now experience in contemporary American society. Most important is to recognise that Adam Smith’s theory of economics is firmly grounded in the biology of human behaviour."

Adam Smith needed to do this in order to invent his new philosophy called "Capitalism", and this philosophy has given birth to a system which has imprisoned the financial illiterate, and those who lack entrepreneurial skills. Here's another quote from the book which is eye opening as well.

"THE CULTURAL SHIFT TOWARD THE SELF the self and away from community began slowly in America, but accelerated with the coming of the information age. By the late 1990s, after the triumph of laissez-faire capitalism over communism, Adam Smith’s twin engines of economic growth—self-interest and curiosity—were in high gear. In this deregulated economic environment personal ambition became focused increasingly on the competitive enhancement of material gain and a collective mania was kindled."

Now this topic deserves a follow on its own, but this is why I created a copyright called the cycle of Death!! Here's the photo below one more time even though I brought it up in previous blogs.

Ten Steps of the Cycle of Death

  1. Exchange your time for your money, in a job (just.over.broke)

  2. Use your income to pay off your expenses

  3. You get a loan from the bank to buy a house

  4. Bank gets a loan from the FED to lend you

  5. Government asks for a loan, they don't control the money supply

  6. FED charges interest on the bank

  7. Bank charges interest on you

  8. Government charges interest on you

  9. You pay taxes to the GOVT and repay the bank

  10. The bank and government pay back the FED.

This is why my slogan for RKease Company is "Rest is Reason", which derives from the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates which states that, "as long as the brain has rest, a man enjoys his reason." Rest such as sleep, relaxation, deep breathing, mental clarity, serenity, is another form to generate reasoning, logic, and innate ideas which completely clashes with the enlightenment era's ideas. By adding rest to your workflow even if you are unemployed you can still ease your stress and leverage your passions to take your mind off the pressure and toils of life.

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