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Business Development Series Volume 2: Interval (Fintech, Software Development)

"On average, a developer needs 4 in a row, without interruptions to reach the level of concentration necessary to to write quality code. Many times we forget this basic concept, and this leads over time to burnout of our developers that can be avoided." - Cristian Renella CTO at El Major Trato

Product market collab, product market collab, rkease and interval can't be mad

Throughout my down time with RKease I have been doing extensive research in terms of what to do in terms of customer segmentation and how I am going to get sales in the London business tech community. Therefore, I have figured that the fintech industry would be a possible product-market fit for me since it's a growing sector within the tech industry.

Fintech companies are trying to win customers over from established big five banks in Canada, such as RBC, BMO, TD, etc. I worked for a company called Neo-Financial as a brand ambassador for sometime and was able to learn the nature of how they started, and figured that they have a tribal, community since the founders of the Fintech startup were actually the same as the one from Skip the Dishes, therefore they have a sound relationship.

Interval is a company which I have a good relationship with and I am trying to strengthen, in order to one day do a RKease workshop with them. Here's the reason why, let's look at their value proposition. "Your automated business valuation tool. Helping you build a healthier, more valuable business." The key here is that they have an automated business tool for a valuation which means to figure out the value of a company. Now doing research, I found out that reading my book, I was able to read the book called the "Future of Work" by Darrell M. West. In the book he speaks on how automation is actually going to lead companies into a four-day work week, and people are going to be leaning more into art and doing things meaningful for them since automation will make our lives easier and more efficient as we work with it.

"One possible benefit of new workforce trends is that people will have more leisure time than in the past. This can happen in one of two ways. Some people will not be needed in the new digital economy, so they will find other ways to construct menacing in their lives outside the workplace. Alternatively, even those who work may find themselves with time for other kinds of pursuits. Rather, than most waking hours being spent on work-related tasks, the society of the future may have time for non-work activities, including art, culture, MUSIC,s ports, and theatre. The possibility of an end of work as we currently know it creates opportunties for personal enrichment. According to the Harvard economist Lawrence Katz, “It’s possible that information technology and robots [will] eliminate traditional jobs and make possible a new artisanal economy … an economy geared around self-expression, where people would do artistic things with their time. From his standpoint, this transition would move the world from one of consumption to one of creativity"

Therefore, it's important to do a workshop with Interval because the future is now and they are forcing the world into the fourth industrial revolution! That's why I would love a workshop with them and it would be great to help strengthen their team bond as well! Hope you enjoy this business development series and enjoy oneness, RKease out! :)

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