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Corporate Culture Series: Values

"When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier." - Roy E. Disney

Values are good, govern our decisions, to bring us a step closer to our mission

In the next part of the corporate culture series we will be speaking about values, and how values are important to build a company, brand, and make an impact with your employees in your business. According to Hubspot, (, company values or core values, "are the fundamental beliefs and principles that guide your organisation. These values shape your company's culture and promote cohesion and cooperation among your team. They also explain why your business does what it does and differentiate your brand from competitors."


These core values or company values are important because it gives your employees all the way from executive level to the lowest level a purpose and a meaning as to why they are going to do their work, the way that they do it. If you don't have core values, and a cause it's harder to motivate your staff and employees to do great work and establish themselves within your company.


One of the most important aspects of core values is accountability. When you have values, you have to live up to those values each and everyday, so that you will be able to prove them to the outside world! Core values is the essence of your company and it gives your company a spirit, and an animating principle. Therefore it's important to have these values present and to keep them permeating through the company as well.

At RKease Company we have various core values in which I have to live up to each and everyday. Values, such as community, where I have been trying to get opportunities, to be able to volunteer in the city of London with brands for the black owned organisations, mental health organisations, and organisations which deal with homelessness. Also, I have been involved with the Tech Alliance community as well in terms of consistently, going to there networking events such as the Summer Shaker, where I have been fortunate to meet so many new connections that can help grow my business and my brand!!

This is why core values are important in business and it's needed for you to be able to govern your decision making, and separate you from the competition, I hope you enjoy my blog and stay tuned for more soon, peace!! :)

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