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Customer Interview: Down to Earth Dolly (Huntly)

"Don't get so busy making a living, that you forget making a life" - Dolly Parton

Down to earth, down to earth, come to RKease and we'll show you what your worth

During Elevate Entrepreneurship, we were able to have a meeting with Candace Huntly of Songbird Marketing. She was able to break down to us the various components of branding and why it's important. Therefore, it was so intriguing to me because branding is what I stand for, in terms of creating RK and RKEase as well. But one thing that she stated that was very interesting which caught my attention is that I told her that, "I taught myself how to sing", and she stated that singers are always "HAPPY".

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This can be proven because not only did I use to sing during my darkest times, but I did an interview with then an American actor, but now a rap/pop star named "Bryson Lewallen" from Tennessee!


During my tenure at Fanshawe College in 2019, I was able to interview, Bryson Lewallen who was in the movie with actor Dolly Parton. In the interview, Bryson told me that Dolly Parton was "down to earth, and she kept it authentic, and was original. Therefore, it was ironic that Candace Huntly during Elevate Entrepreneurship, said that singers are always happy. When I reflected I had the proof of that. Simply, because in the beta version of my workshop, I was able to breakdown how singers use diaphragmatic breathing. Here's a photo of it below


Breathing with your diaphragm is exactly what singers do in order to reduce stress, help hit high notes, and it has various other health benefits. This enables singers to be happy continually and even secrete the happy hormones, such as serotonin, dopamine,and endorphins. Each one of these hormones that are secreted are utilized in order to enhance your mood, state of mind, well-being,and overall happiness. Singers are well-being maestros and Candace Huntly sure had a point when she stated that.

Overall, I hope you enjoy this blog and have a great time, singing along to some tunes like Ms. Parton, Huntly, or Bry Lew! Have a great day, stay tuned for more, peace!! :)

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