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Diversification: RKease Music

"Most people are multi-faceted and good at a lot of things, so I think its just smart, especially in this day and age where the competition is so fierce, in every avenue, to have a bunch of things your doing."

RKease, making music, making tracks, diversifying my business is a well known fact

The RKease journey has definitely been a great journey for the most part. There are days where I want to give up and quit and there ups and down, but this weekend was one of the days which definitely gave me so much inspiration to want to strive for more and it gave me more of an appetite for success. I call this blog diversification because I was able to branch into a new division of my business, which is music.


This weekend, I was fortunate enough to perform at the first ever South Asian Cultural Festival in London, Ontario. It was an amazing event sponsored and hosted by Cultural Gully, which is a South Asian entertainment company that was recently founded by one of my dear friends named Ranuak. The idea of RKease music actually came from the understanding of diversification. As of right now, I have been a business owner for close to a year's time and I haven't been able to get many workshops done with the amount of people that I want to get it done with. I haven't made nearly as much money as I thought that I could, so the idea spun into my head of making music. Also because on my tik-toks, I was making stress-less jingles, which are jingles that are designed to inspire people to live a stress-less life. Therefore, I took some of the jingles and made them actual songs.

(Cultural Gully Performance)

As a result, I was able to still retain the branding for RKease in terms of staying with jingles because I was able to create an anthem for the whole Cultural Gully team. They really enjoyed the jingle and the anthem and the crowd was really engaged with my performance. Another thing, which was extremely phenomenal about this whole performance is that I was able to muster up the confidence to write the songs, lyrics, and perform them while not having the songs for very long. It took a lot of discipline, work, and practice in order to get my lines down to be able to execute well for the performance. This is one of the reasons why I am happy that I got back into music and began rapping because it helped me to broaden my skill set and horizons as well.

Lastly, it was a great day for the RKease brand overall. To be able to put myself out there and perform in front of a decent sized crowd, with non hip-hop fans, it was pretty invigorating. I really enjoyed the time at the Cultural Gully event despite the rain, weather, and electricity issues which happened as well.

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