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Emotional Intelligence: Self-Awareness

"Self-awareness is the ability to take an honest look at your life without any attachment to it being wrong or right" - Debbie Ford

Emotional intelligence is broken up into four parts, and the last component of emotional intelligence we spoke on was self-management. Self-management in review is the ability to manage your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Now in this blog we will be speaking on self-awareness and how being more self-aware actually helps your ability to be more emotionally intelligent and can help you in business and in life.


Self-awareness by definition is the "experience of one's own individuality or personality". Also it is how an individual consciously knows and understands their own character, feelings, emotions, motives, and desires." Self-awareness is very important when it comes to emotional intelligence because if you don't know yourself and your own emotions how are you going to be able to manage them and regulate them in order to be successful in your pursuits, endeavours, and also your ability to manage relationships. According to the Eurich Group, they stated that by being more self-aware when you look inwardly, you can clarify your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, strengths, and weaknesses. This leads to having more happier and healthier relationships, also to having more personal, social control, better relationships, as well as higher job satisfaction. Here are some benefits of self-awareness

  • It gives us power to influence outcomes

  • Better decision making and self-confidence

  • It allows us to understand things from multiple perspectives

  • It frees us from assumptions and behaviours

  • It helps build better relationships

  • Decreases stress

  • Greater ability to regulate our emotions

  • Makes us overall happier

These are all the benefits of being self-aware and can help you with any activity or endeavour that you choose. It's vital to be self-aware especially as a form of stress management. When you are self-aware you know where your thoughts are taking you and you'll be able to better manage them when they arise. You'll be able to identify your warning signs and through that you can do your best in manage the stressors when they arise. By being self-aware you'll understand what triggers affect you and then you can mitigate through them in order to help reduce your chances of being in distress. If you catch yourself feeling exhausted, irritable, or run down, you can pause and practice relaxation techniques in order to calm your nerves in order to manage your stressors!! As a result, I hope you enjoyed this blog and stay tuned for another volume on emotional intelligence tomorrow! Peace!! :)

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