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Emotional Intelligence: Self-Management

"All management starts with self-management which is the definition of intentions, actions to be taken of and quantifying of those actions" - Julian Pencilliah

Emotional intelligence as I stated yesterday in my other blog, is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. With that being said in order to begin your emotional intelligence journey and become more and more wise in that respect, you have to start somewhere and then expand. So today we are going to go through self-management and how you can better manage yourself for your success.

Self-management is the ability to manage your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Someone who has great self-management skills will be able to handle difficult situations effectively. People with self-management skills would be able to set a goal and follow through with it, in times of distress and grief they would know how to cope with it, and while they are working from home be able to avoid distractions. Self-management is all about managing the self which is the psyche so that you can accomplish your goals and live a fruitful and prosperous life. Now self-management doesn't mean you won't have problems and issues, but you'll be able to manage them so that you can have the best overall outcome and it results in your favour. Lastly, once were aware of our own thoughts, feelings, and behaviours were able to better manage these things appropriately. Here are some tactics below, which will help us with our self-management skills.


  • Positivity: By having a positive perception or outlook on life you are able to manage your emotions, thoughts, and behaviours in a way which can benefit you holistically. Refuse to allow negativity into your life and be dragged down by perverse thoughts, feelings, and actions. It's important to stay optimistic and have an "I can" attitude, instead of "I can't". Lastly, positivity is infectious and people resonate with good energy and become inspired by it, therefore be positive for not only yourself, but the betterment of the world.

  • Time Management: This is a vital self management skill because where you spend your time, ultimately will determine how productive you are and what you will be able to accomplish your goals and fulfil your endeavours. This will help plan, organise, and exercise your daily tasks, but also help you keep focus and avoid distractions.

  • Stress Management: Stress is one of the greatest catalyst which leads to destruction of someones health, and it's important to have tools and techniques to be able to help you breathe, relax, and help get you back on track. All of the adrenaline, cortisol, and rush of energy which comes from stress can damage your physical and mental health critically. Stress management by definition is tools, techniques, and strategies needed to reduce stress and reduce the negative impact stress has on your physical and mental well-being. Benefits of stress management are you'll be able to sleep better, control your weight, have less muscle tension, be in a better mood, have better relationships, etc.

  • Responsibility: Taking accountability and responsibility for your actions is important for your overall growth as an individual and is imperative for your personal management skills. When you take responsibility for your actions, you limit blame and have more control over a situation and can get to a more positive outcome. Plus, it boosts your overall self-confidence because you are taking the issue or problem yourself and trying to find productive ways to overcome yourself instead of relying on others.

  • Productivity: The best way to be able to increase your productivity is to be able to manage your downtime and be able to schedule your breaks in between!

With that being said this is the breakdown of self-management and how it correlates with emotional intelligence. I hope you enjoyed my blog, and have a great day!! Peace!! :)

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