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Employee Engagement Strategy: RKease Workshop

"When people are financially invested they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute." - Simon Sinek

Engaged and invested in work, to be the best on earth.

Employee engagement is one of the most important HR concepts known in industry, and it's very important to the well-being of any organisation. The psychological commitment of staff and employees to their company core values, mission, and work all add up either to the success of the company or to its failure. Therefore, we must understand this concept and also break down why the RKease brand is helping companies bolster this in order to make companies and their brands more healthy and profitable.


According to Investopedia, employee engagement is defined as, "a human resources (HR) concept that describes the level of enthusiasm and dedication a worker feels toward their job. " Employee engagement really highlights the importance of having psychological commitment to your work and making sure that you are dedicated to the tasks at hand in order to make the company as profitable and impactful as possible. There are many benefits and strategies to employee engagement, and here are some benefits listed below by an article from Lumapps (

  • Reduction in absenteeism

  • Increased productivity

  • Better employee safety

  • Healthier employees

  • Better retention rates

  • More communication

  • Work satisfaction

  • Lower employee turnover

  • More effective leadership

  • Better customer satisfaction

Those are some benefits to employee engagement, now for the workshop, I wanted people to be able to feel engaged with their company by making music for their company brand, essentially. This is a form of employee engagement because the music is instilling the values of the company inside the staff and also music has the ability to stick in people's minds. When someone feels down or maybe even tired, they can remind them of the song as a form of encouragement and exhortation in order to get through a long day. There are many ups and downs at work, so being able to be encouraging is crucial. This is why the RKease workshop is essential and the music plays a pivotal role in all of this. Lastly, investing in programs to promote employee wellness and well being makes staff more conscious of how they treat other people and how to overcome stressors in the workplace to become more efficient!!!

With that being said, I hope you enjoyed the blog and stay tuned for more soon. Peace!! :)

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