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Entrepreneurial Books: No Rules Rules

"Company culture is the backbone of any successful organisation." - Gary Vaynerchuk

Culture is capital, capital is culture, positive environment, we don't need any vultures

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I read a lot of books in order to stimulate my mind, get new ideas, which help me innovate for my brand and company. The book which I am reading now, is extremely profound and has helped me understand more thoroughly about the success of one of the companies which is renowned and well known today. That company which I am speaking of is called Netflix. The book was co-authored by Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer, one is an American writer, while the other is the co-founder of Netflix. The book's main premise speaks on the philosophy and ethos of what went into the corporate culture at Netflix.


In the book, they speak on some many different topics, when it comes to corporate culture, such as the consequences of micromanaging, innovation, culture, vacation time, and having a culture that is designed for growth. The most important lesson, which I got from the book so far, is that it's important to have a culture of candour, transparency, and honesty. If you are going to create a company culture which thrives and is successful, you must be able to have an open communication, people willing to tell the truth, and are not going to be subtle in their intentions when it comes to getting work done in the company. Netflix has succeeded because of continuous open communication and when things get bad, they hash it out openly and respectively in order to come to viable solutions.


Another aspect of Netflix which is phenomenal is that they bolster a corporate culture for innovation. A culture which makes it possible to innovate and make employees go forward instead of micromanaging them consistently. Netflix, makes sure the employees tell the bosses what they are doing, but don't manage them in a sense where they feel cluttered, flustered, or not motivated. They motivate employees on a consistent basis to innovate and look for opportunities to test and run experiments so that they can continue to get better.

Lastly, when I look at how Netflix has been able to innovate and become one of the biggest companies in American history. I always think about the mission and vision I am trying to accomplish with RKease company in terms of creating a serene and positive workforce and economy. One that takes stress management and mental health seriously, which companies are already starting to do now, in which I am trying to amplify. Corporate culture is important is vital to the growth of a company and I am pleased that Netflix has been doing a phenomenal job in terms of cultivating this and you can see why they are such an innovative company as they are today!! With that being said, hope you enjoy the blog, and stay tuned for more soon, peace!! :)

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