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Entrepreneurial Books: The End of Work (Jeremy Rifkin)

"You have to value skills not just degrees" - Ginni Rometty

End of work, end of work, witihout RKease the world will go beserk

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey I have been able to learn the importance of reading and that has shaped my mind into what I am today. The books that I have read, have given me the foresight and vision to be able to further my dreams and pursue entrepreneuerial ventures with sheer dedication and excellence. One book which has been a great read for me has been the End of Work by Jeremy Rifkin. This book has been phenomenal in understanding so many different topics which correlate with workplace stress and how the workplace economy is changing rapidly due to automation and technology.

End of Work Jeremy Rifkin

In this book they speak about an amalgamation of topics, but what I wanted to speak on and highlight is the concept of the "Gospel of Mass Consumption." The term consumption actually means, from french and english to consume, destroy, pillage, and exhaust. Since World War 2, the Western World has been ingrained in switching from virtue to vice of the way of the Puritan mentality from investing into their future, to living a lifestyle of instant gratification.

This is one of the reasons why I invented RKease company because workplace stress is a silent killer and that it is a by product of losing that Puritan mentality to converting too the gospel of mass consumption. With consumerism at an all time high, there are going to need to be workshops in order to reduce this issue completely or people are going to keep on dying at astronomical rates.

For my workshop, I am breaking down the five pillar principles and trying to teach companies how to govern their workplace staff with these jingles, so they can reduce their stress, and enhance retention, and engagement. This will make more workplaces more cognisant of not being too much a consumer type brand, and looking to work efficiently while going back to that Puritan/Protestant mentality. Hopefully you enjoy the blog, and stay tuned for tomorrow, peace!! :)

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