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Entrepreneurial Journey: Branding

"How you view your stressor is just as important as your actual circumstances when it comes to long-term effects on your health and happiness" - Melanie Greenberg

Stress less wisdom, stress-less life, hoping for the best with my stress less life

When it comes to branding this is one of my favourite topics when it comes to business, entrepreneurship and the whole journey in general is BRANDING. This is one of the most important cornerstone principles of business, which is to brand yourself and begin to differentiate yourself in the marketplace, so that people can buy your service over others. When you are branding you are creating a perception, an opinion and a value about your company.

According to Hubspot, they have a great definition of what a brand is and I am going to elaborate how I am doing my best to fulfill this with my journey as well.

"Contrary to popular belief, companies don't sell products. They sell experiences, feelings, and ideologies. Businesses with amazing brands like Coca-Cola know exactly what experience they want customers to have when they make (or consider) a purchase."

A company sells experiences, feelings, and ideologies. An ideology which I speak on all the time which I created is "Rest is Reason". This is my mantra, my belief, and ethos of the company. It means that the ability to unwind, de-stress, and be tranquil, enhances creative, intellectual, and reasoning skills for technology companies leading them to further innovations. The enemy of rest is stress, therefore I created workshops which educate companies regarding this so they can have more cohesion.

Also another philosophy that my brand encapsulates is that culture is capital, that having a company with a rich company culture translates to producing more capital and revenue for the company. Therefore, music is involved with the company to enhance cohesion, camaraderie, and team bonding so that the workshop is completely unique, distinct, and peculiar in the marketplace. Music helps release oxytocin which is a bonding hormone as well, which helps you reduce stress and enhance well-being.

With my brand, I want people to feel more competent when it comes to managing stressors and managing stress in the workplace so they can have a rich company culture which yields productive results, which is why I came up with two other slogans, which is called "stress-less wisdom" and for my tiktok I have stress-less jingles. Stress-less wisdom encompasses tips regarding stress, such as walking in nature, deep play, napping, having strong social supports, while my stress-less jingles are my tiktok jingles speaking on the importance of having strong coping mechanisms for stress in your daily life and inspiring people to take action to live more prosperous and efficiently!

Therefore, I hope you enjoy the blog and stay tuned for more tomorrow, peace! :)

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