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Entrepreneurial Journey: Brick by Brick

"Little by little becomes a lot" - Tanzanian Proverb

Brick by brick, stone by stone continue, the course success won't leave you alone

Throughout my journey building out RKease company, I have been able to learn so much in terms of how to become a sound entrepreneur and also become a better man overall. Entrepreneurship has definitely been a tough journey thus far, but it has been well worth it. Putting my money where my mouth is, in terms of motivating myself, promoting myself, and getting the word out there has been phenomenal and a great experience nonetheless.

I can't complain that each day, has been rigorous in terms of preparing my content, writing blogs, cold-emailing HR professionals, and having advisory meetings with start-up advisers from Leap Junction at Fanshawe College and Tech Alliance, the innovation centre.

One saying that I keep reminding myself each day is that brick, by brick, stone by stone, continue the course and success won't leave you alone. Rome wasn't built in a day, in order to build a brand, build a a business, or an empire it takes years and years of dedication, hard work, persistence, and consistency. These are all the qualities and characteristics that I have adopted while being on my journey of being a founder.

There has been many setbacks, trials, and tribulations that I have gone through as a founder, but they all have prepared me for my journey. Each setback that I go through, challenges my perspectives and challenges my willpower to actually give in and give up or to keep going. Whenever I go through setbacks and issues, I always take a step back, reflect, and assess the resources I have at the time to see if I can overcome the issue presented. Through this process it teaches me that if I lack the resources necessary it forces me to be resourceful and to find them so that I can keep going in order to overcome the issue and persist with my journey. That's the beauty in entrepreneurship and in life in journey, is that through optimism, positivity, and willpower you can overcome and make your dreams come to fruition!

I hope you enjoy the blog and stay tuned for more, tomorrow, peace!! :)

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