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Entrepreneurial Journey: Customer Discovery

"Greatest risk is not development of new products, but development of customers and markets" - Steve Blank

Customer discovery, going through a search, trying to make money, to know what its worth.

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I have been going through different stages in order to learn not only how to be a founder, but also how to run a successful business. This is the reason why I blog about my entrepreneurial journey because as you go on this journey you learn so many things and grow individually as well. For my journey in particular the specific stage that I am on now is customer discovery, which means to qualify certain prospects and try to put them in sales funnel so that I can try to acquire customers in order to get more revenue for my company.

Customer discovery has been a topic which we spoke about extensively in the Leap Junction summer business accelerator since as entrepreneurs our goal is to find specific people who have issues and solve their problems in order to serve them. Pain points is an important perspective that I needed to understand for my specific target audience that I am trying to fill the need for. For my business of RKease Company, the market that I wanted to serve is the technology industry, and the reason being because corporate wellness for tech companies is an important conversation to have. Technology companies work in groups consistently in order to finish strenuous projects that take up huge amounts of effort in order to help come to fruition. Therefore reducing stress not only is a relief, but also creates more efficiency in the workforce.

This is a hypothesis that I generated throughout my research and I was able to find this research through Deloitte's Healthcare reports and doing research at the Canadian Occupational Health and Safety as well. Now the only next step that I have to do is, actually go out in the market and start having more conversations with HR professionals in order to get tangible evidence on the well-being of the staff of their employees. This is imperative because as I get more evidence, I can tailor my workshop to their needs and serve them accordingly and add their case study to my portfolio. By doing this it will enable me to network more, get out of my comfort zone, and generate more skills and experience so that I can provide more value to my target market.


London is one of the top growing tech markets in North America as well with companies such as Mobials, Northern Commerce, Auto-Verify, the tech market in London is only expanding as new innovations, products and services are coming into the London market. This also is another reason why the London population is increasing consistently because there are more jobs which are available so since the economy is growing it has a trickle effect to different areas as well. But growth always comes with pain, so natural stressors will always be there by default, so wellness will always be a factor because you can't grow without stress it's impossible.

Overall, this is the current phase that I am on in my business and I am documenting this aspect of the journey in order to further expand on my knowledge, skills, but also serve as an inspiration to other people trying to become entrepreneurs themselves and go on a venture. Your journey inspires others to want to go on their own journey, so I want to thank people who read this and I hope I am being a light to those who want to step into the entrepreneurial world and for future clients as well to know what I am all about, hope you enjoy the blog, and stay tuned for tomorrow, peace!! :)

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