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Entrepreneurial Journey: Customer Discovery 2 (Conversations)

"Conversations with customers will increase sales, even if the product or service, is never mentioned"- George Ferris

Conversations, conversations, need to talk to people to build a sales foundation.

When it comes to customer discovery, and the start of the sales funnel, you must begin with conversations and rapport building. The more people you speak to and tell them your intentions, the more prospective clientele, customers segments, and potential buyers you will have in the long-term. Economics is a social science for a reason, and when I say social, it means community. In business the more I study, and get more familiar with entrepreneurship, the more I start to realise how important community building is within creating an enterprise of your own.

Building relationships is key because it essentially builds trust over time and I always say that trust creates transactions. The more people trust you, the more they will be able to give you funds, resources, and access to even their potential network as well. Therefore, for RKease Company, my next step of my sales process is to be able to create more conversations with prospective customer segments in order to start the sales funnel. Now before, I dive deep into my next moves let's elaborate more on why conversations are important in the sales process.

( and-cultural-effectiveness/pages/effective-workplace-conversations-on-diversity.aspx)

One of the most important aspects of having a conversation in order to start the sales funnel is that you can figure out the customer issues which is the key ingredient to the interactions. When you understand the potential customer's issues you can first develop empathy for them because you show that you care about that issue, which enables them to see that you have soft-heart towards them and when you people perceive that you care the trust deepens. I remember when I spoke to a business owner of a non-profit about my business and when I began to ask her questions about her staff and how they were enduring their labour, she explicitly told me that her staff were going through burnout, which throughout my research has been a consistent issue in the Canadian workforce. Therefore it brought me tangible evidence to my hypothesis when I was conducting informal research on the problem that I wanted to solve.

Another point thing that she described was the aspect of her workers building more deeper relationships with each other and that doing activities in order to do that would be something they would look into in the future, since it's imperative to do that in the workforce. Therefore my business can be a potential solution for them to strengthen those bonds since it has a social aspect and team building exercise, which will help them holistically. Overall, this is the next step in my entrepreneurial journey and I can't wait to continue this journey in order to keep getting better!! Have a great rest of the day and weekend, and stay tuned for next week! Peace! :)

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