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Entrepreneurial Journey: Iteration

"Innovation comes from long-term thinking and iterative execution." - Reid Hoffman

Iterate because the journey's not straight, constantly improving in order to be great.

I remember being in one of the darkest places of my life and just figuring out ways to cope with my pain internally and how I was digging each and everyday to find an outlet for my struggle. Throughout it all, I was able to find poetry, art, and music as my solution. Therefore, I wrote my first poem which would later be featured in Interrobang for Black History month called "Breathe". It was a poem on how being appreciative of nature connected me to my purpose and helped me find my self-worth, despite the tough situation.

After the poem, I had another epiphany in my mind like what if I was able to turn these poems into a business because I was already working on Kabamba Robotics for so long and the amount of time it would have took me to get all the components to make this business a reality would've taken years. As a result, I started creating poems for nurses, my friends, etc. and I called my idea RKSpirations, which meant poems to cause relief. Then, I got on the phone with Kelsey Currie of Leap Junction and she told me that I can do workshops for companies because they hire individuals to go in and teach skills to their employees. Throughout that I was able to start working on a happy-start up canvas with Nicholas at Leap Junction, in order to craft my story, core values, and activities of the company. This led to me creating my first logo on Canva as well, which looked at this.

(RKease first logo)

Through time, I was able to continue my research and then realise that I couldn't make writing poems viable, so I decided to create workshops for stress management, with my focus being workplace stress and continued to iterate from there. Now the first workshop that I did with Leap Junction, looked like this,

(RKease 1st Iteration)

This workshop was great, but through getting more and more feedback, I was available to ITERATE, continually and through that I was able to think of an idea that would allow my clients to learn stress and stress management thoroughly so I created the five pillars of truth based on my feedback which lead to my successful iteration. Then I incorporated a breathing exercise and the jingle was always there, but if it wasn't for the feedback, I wouldn't have been able to make the iteration. Now my slideshow looks like this!

(RKease 2nd Iteration)

Through this next iteration, I was able to learn so much in terms of how to get a crowd receptive to learning new concepts. During the second time, I did my workshop at LeapIN and I was able to get great feedback good and bad. The good feedback that I got is that I am a confident speaker, my workshop helped people learn a lot about stress and stress management, while the bad feedback I got is that it didn't end off in a bang and I didn't close out well. Throughout my networking journey, I was able to speak to another founder from a start-up in the city and learned that in order to execute great wellness workshops, you have to make it fun and engaging. Therefore, I made another iteration based on my feedback as well. Here's another example,

(RKease 3rd Iteration)

Here's another iteration I made for my workshop, which is to add poetry to how I deliver the product, so that people can be more engaged from the beginning, so I can be able to figure out if they would feel apprehensive to create jingles at the end of the workshop. I will be doing jingles throughout the whole presentation and hopefully as I go through the presentation people will get the hang of it and want to join in with me. This will also enable them to feel the vibe of the presentation and the jingles will also relieve their stress because music is an instant antidote for stress relief.

Overall, iteration and patience are the keys for success of being an entrepreneur and throughout my journey and by constantly improving, I will eventually prosper with my business idea, I hope you enjoy the blog, and stay tuned for tomorrow. Peace!! :)

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