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Entrepreneurial Journey: The Power of Inspiration

"Inspiring others to do better work is the accomplishment of a leader" - John C. Maxwell

Inspiration, inspiration, one of the most important factors and key indicators of a great leader. When you think of leaders like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, etc. they all have one thing in common and it's their ability to inspire. Inspiration is one of the most powerful tools of life and through it you are able to build hope, resilience, motivation, and problem solving. Now let's go into what inspiration means, how it can be applied, and a practical example of inspiration in my entrepreneurial journey.

Etymology of the word inspire, means to "prompt or induce someone or something, excite, inflame, to breathe, or influence or animate with an idea or purpose." When you look at what it means to be an entrepreneur these days you are doing exactly what this definition is saying above. Especially, influencing or animating with an idea or purpose. Starting a business is one of the most hardest and gruelling career paths, so you are going to need every bit of inspiration you need in order to keep going. Simon Sinek, an author, thought leader, and motivational speaker who authored a book called "Start with Why".This book is profound and it was a gift given to me for making it into the LeapIN program at Fanshawe College. I read the book in literally a week because the content was invigorating. One of the things he spoke of in the book is how great leaders start to lead with their intention, their purpose, beliefs, inspirations, and through that they are able to incite others to act. Through his book he elaborates how starting with why companies gain more loyalty from their employees, customers, more profitability, and fulfilment.

For the LeapIN program this summer, I was able to utilise my passion, drive, and intrinsic motivations to help inspire other entrepreneurs in the cohort. When you're passionate, it's extremely contagious, infectious, and people gravitate to it all the time. Therefore, I poured out my energy to the whole group and was able to get the Cheerleader award at the LeapIN award ceremony. The advisers and Leap committee felt that I was a great supporter and inspiration for other business owners to keep pursuing their dreams each and everyday. It was a dream come true being in that program, so winning that award was just the icing on the cake.

Overall, being inspired allows you to live your life from the inside-out and not the outside-in. It enables you too endure through hard times and speak life into people whenever they come to you when they're down as well. Being inspired gives you hope, gives you joy, and it provides you with a sense of peace knowing that you have something to look forward to! I hope you enjoyed the blog, and have a great rest of the day!! Peace!! :)

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