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Entrepreneurial Journey: Visualisation

"If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it." - Muhammed Ali

Visualise to be wise, and have your eyes on the prize!!

Jay Z, Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan, Muhammed Ali, Lindsey Vonn, are all successful in their own right and in their own fields of choice. But they all share one thing in common in terms of how they achieved their success, which is they all use the power of visualisation. Visualisation is the practice of imagining what you want to achieve in the future. As if it were true today. It trains your subconscious mind to be aware of the end goal in mind, and through that you are able reverse engineer backward your steps into miniature goals to accomplish to eventually reach your destination. There are two types of categories when it comes to visualisation. The first one is "outcome visualisation", which means envisioning the desired future end point, and the next one is called "process visualisation", which means envisioning every step toward that desired outcome with all the senses engaged.

Some key benefits of visualisation is that it builds your self-confidence, inspires motivation, and gives you clarity of your future. In the world today with so many distractions due to the internet visualising your next step or your end goal, enables you to enhance your focus as well which is a blog I spoke on not too long ago. With more focus and concentration it builds self-esteem within you and gives you the fuel to keep going so that you execute and achieve your dream. Visualisation is a technique I utilised as well when it came to getting into the LeapIN business accelerator this past summer.

Years prior, in 2019 I walked into the Leap Junction office and saw other entrepreneurs that had their own business and I immediately was inspired. Clothing, food, sustainability, media, photography, all different types of ventures and it peaked my interest immediately. For years I was an avid reader of the Rich Dad Series which were derived from financial educator Robert Kiyosaki. His books shaped my entrepreneurial mindset and had me craving for the opportunity to learn about business, so I can eventually have my own. Therefore, when I came to Leap, I was already prepped to be a fan of Leap. As a result, when I learned of their incubator program, I visualised this as a goal and reverse engineered my success and did actionable things to accomplish this goal. Therefore, when April came, I was ready to pitch my business idea and then I executed and got in the program successfully.

This is the power of visualisation and I assure you if you visualise your success and create actionable steps, you'll build a mind map that will allow you to get to the destination of your dreams!! Hope you enjoy the blog, cheers! :)

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