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Innovate Ontario: RKease Company

"Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity - not as a threat" - Steve Jobs

Innovate, Innovate, sit back and wait, sit back and wait!

To have two featured articles on Innovate Ontario has been a dream come true and has helped me be able to learn how to be level-headed, grounded, and sound in thinking so that I don't become big-headed and arrogant to eventually lead to my demise. Throughout my whole journey, I have been able to understand what it takes to be a founder in order to make a living for myself, my future family, and generations to come.

Now what is the etymology of the word, "Innovate" and what does that mean. In etymology, the word "innovate" means to 1540s, "introduce as new" (transitive), from Latin innovatus, past participle of innovare "to renew, restore;" also "to change," from in- "into" (from PIE root *en "in") + novus "new" (see new). Intransitive meaning "bring in new things, alter established practices" is from 1590s. Related: (innovate | Etymology, origin and meaning of innovate by etymonline)

The etymology of this word goes into how in comes from the word "innovare", which means to "renew or restore". Now what am I trying to "restore" or what am I trying to "renew", which is the key question here, and that's the power of REST, LEISURE, and CREATIVITY within the global economy to bolster innovation and creative skills within the tech ecosystem. Where did I get this mindset, and where did this all begin for me, you can read it in the article, but I want to tell it with my own words.

I was reading the book called Hippocrates Sacred Disease, and through the book it spoke on the brain being the center organ for acquiring wisdom, knowledge, and producing emotions. Therefore, I stumbled on a quote which said, "As long as the brain has rest, a man enjoys his reason." As a result, I had an epiphany that, we should be accumulating more rest in order to have more reason, so that we can enhance our cognitive faculties!! When I say rest, I don't mean sleep, but I mean mental clarity, which is the foundation of wisdom. Also he stated within the book that from the "brain comes lamentations, sorrows, joys, and sports." Therefore, emotions such as hope, and despair are learned behaviors that are produced from the brain itself by your hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, etc. This is why brain health is important because the better you take care of your brain health, the better each and every system within the body enhances. You can read so many of my blogs about stress and each bodily system, so you can be informed about that, other than that let's continue. The next book, that I love actually goes into Rest as well, which is another book that I love!

Rest is Reason, Reason is Rest. This book has revolutionized everything that I needed to hear about the power of rest. Therefore, he spoke about how Immanuel Kant in the "enlightenment" era, made a quote called "Reason acquires it's possession through work!" meaning that the harder labor that you do and studying the more logic, sense, and intelligence you accumulate! Therefore, it totally gave birth to what we call the "workaholic" and "burnout". My main mission as RKease Company is to ignite the world in thinking about rest, relaxation, and ease! I hope you enjoy the blog, stay tuned for tomorrow, peace! :)

My main mission as RKease Company is to ignite the world in thinking about rest, relaxation, and ease! I hope you enjoy the blog, stay tuned for tomorrow, peace! :)

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