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Introduction to Data Rooms: Intellectual Property (Cycle of Death)

"Data is the language of powerholders" - Jodi Peterson

"Cycle of death, cycle of death, workplace stress has you breathing your last breathe."

After going to a Masterclass with Natalie Raffoul,


which is a world-renowned Intellectual Proprety laywer, electrical engineer, angel investor, and great founder for Fortress Legal. During the Masterclass she was speaking on how the competition for intellectual property is rising each and every day. Companies are filing in trade secrets, patents, copyright, etc. all over the place to separate from the competition and Canada needs to catch up!!

"If I control the money supply, who cares who makes the rules" - Mayor Amschel Rotschild (


Being a founder you have to be able to figure out problems, issues in society and the economy and solve them in order to make an impact. This is why I copyrighted the cycle of the death process, which highlights the modern day banking system which highlights how personal finances are the primary stressors for the Canadian nation. This is a by-product of colonisation, but that's a whole bunch of can of worms on it's own. Below here's the process which I developed to explain the root problem as to why workplace stress even exists from a financial aspect.

Ten Steps of the Cycle of Death

  1. Exchange your time for your money, in a job (just.over.broke)

  2. Use your income to pay off your expenses

  3. You get a loan from the bank to buy a house

  4. Bank gets a loan from the FED to lend you

  5. Government asks for a loan, they don't control the money supply

  6. FED charges interest on the bank

  7. Bank charges interest on you

  8. Government charges interest on you

  9. You pay taxes to the GOVT and repay the bank

  10. The bank, government pay back the FED.

Therefore this system was a progeny of colonisation, and King Leopold used to try and get funding from the Rothschild, but was denied sometimes, but nonetheless they were fre here's what King Leopold was looking for in the book by Adam Hoschild, King Leopold's Ghost.


"Furthermore, although the killing in the Congo was of genocidal proportions, it was not, strictly speaking, a genocide. The Congo state was not deliberately trying to eliminate one particular ethnic group from the face of the Earth. Instead, like the slave dealers who raided Africa for centuries before them, Leopold's men were looking for labor." - Adam Hoschild

This cycle of death model for the financial system is a by-product of colonisation and it's progeny, which is even debates that Patrice Lumumba was having when he was growing up on a day to day! Simply because the Congolese system was modelled after the Belgians to benefit them instead of us, so the Congolese have suffered since being independent in 1960 and have to do a lot of restructuring in order to become wealthy with the resources they have within the land.


"How can a man improve his standard of living, secure decent conditions for his family, pay for his children's education and, in general, enter the ranks of the civilised with such an inadequate income?" - Lumumba: Africa's Lost Leader

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