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Introduction to Mining: The Way of RKease

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" - Benjamin Franklin

Its the way of RKease, the way of RKease, coming into mining, I'm about to ease some disease


This is a dream come true, I get to be able to innovate in the mining industry and be able to go with my company in order to help ease the stress of miners all over the world!! There is no type of adulation that I feel because mining by far is my favourite industry before healthcare of course.

Now, being a former PDAC member I was a student attending Fanshawe College and I was a robopreneur learning from different areas of the industry, such as law, finance, drilling, data analytics, etc. All of these were important to me because I was able to broaden my industry knowledge. As I increased my knowledge, some series of unfortunate events occurred, but it doesn't matter I am good now and I am only going to increase my wisdom and knowledge ever since.


These past days, I have been doing an Edumine course and I was able to do the "Sample" course of "What is Mining" and through that I was able to learn something very valuable!


Cyanide is a deadly chemical that if inhaled will actually lead you to die. That's why I invented my RKease workshop that utilises jingles and teaches people how to manage their stress. The reason why I utilise music especially hip-hop music, is because it teaches you how to control your breathing. Therefore, I called the art-form, Rop, instead of rap. Rap has a negative connotation on it, therefore, instead of being called a rapper, I want to be called a Ropper!! It's the same way with negative entrepreneurship and positive entrepreneurship!

Therefore, I hope the mining industry is able to one day learn from my workshop and ease their stress one company at a time, LETS GO!! :)

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