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Ivey: Black History (Lumumba)

"The day will come when history will speak. But it will not be the history which will be taught in Brussels, Paris, Washington or the United Nations" - Patrice Lumumba

Learning from Ivey to change the world, bringing business to Congo like diamonds and pearls

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I have been able to go through many different teachings and different sessions, in order to enhance my entrepreneurial mind. One of the courses that I was able to take was the Founders Journey by Ivey Business School referred to by Dennis Ho of Wheel Easy, my LeapIN cohort partner of 2023 (




During the first module by Ivey faculty Eric Morse ( , there were articles by Ownr (\), which is the company which I used to register my business for. They spoke about what makes someone turn into entrepreneur, and the portion which stuck out to me was the fact that entrepreneurs have unconventional ideas. As a founder, of my own company, I have many uncanny ideas which I feel like the corporate life will hinder me from since I am unique and different from most. This is one of the problems with one of my favourite heroes Patrice Lumumba. Patrice Lumumba was the first prime minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo, who had fought for the independence of our country, and he was an idea generator, extremely eccentric and peculiar. Here's a quote from the book called Lumumba the Lost Leader by Leo Zelig.

"From an early age Lumumba forged his own path. Before long he chose his own schools, made his own decisions and fought his own battles. As an adolescent he immediately stood out, as a popular and strong character. Friends and family remember him as curious, audacious, confident in his own abilities......when he took a decision he did not retreat from it......he had an enormous amount of self-confidence." - Lumumba the Lost Leader by Leo Zeilig

Patrice Lumumba

Patrice Lumumba was stimulated by the atrocities done to his people through post colonial Belgium. Here's more from the book, Lumumba: Africa's Lost Leader.

"Colonial rule in the Congo determined the nature of resistance. There was a specific violence unique to the Belgian Congo. Tony Busselen explains that 'the colonial system in the Congo was brutal and repressive not only physically but with psychological violence." - Leo Zeilig

Therefore, he took immediate action by educating himself through formal and self-education, and also did his greatest to endure various persecution brought to him by colonial powers and by his own people. One issue which stuck out to me and inspires me the most is the situation he had with economic empowerment especially since Congo is mineral resource rich. Lumumba had to go to the Russians for assitance, while leaders of Congo such as Mobuto were being backed by the Belgians and Americans because they can have access to the minerals.


Ultimately, this lead to the death of Lumumba and being executed in acid by foreign powers because he was a disruptor and he would allowed the Congolese to be economically rich within their own country. Therefore, as a founder of my company its important to give back to my people and have the same zeal, Lumumba had in terms of patriotism and being a positive representative for the BIPOC community. Hope you enjoy the blog, and stay tuned for more tomorrow, peace! :)

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