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LeapIN Business Accelerator (Final Week)

"Remember: if most unique ideas were obvious to everyone there wouldn't be entrepreneurs. The one thing that every entrepreneurial journey has in common is that there are many, many steps on the road to success." - Tory Bursch

Wow!! I can't believe it was 12 weeks already!! Time went by so fast, and it was one of the greatest experiences I have ever been apart of. The LeapIN business acclerator taught me so many things, that I will never forget about for the rest of my life. I met a new community of like-minded individuals, met so many community leaders in the space of entrepreneurship in London and was able to increase my entrepreneurial knowledge significantly.

These 12 weeks were so interactive and fun in all kinds of different ways, that I cannot even express how much gratitude I have in going through this program. First of all, getting 5000 dollars helped me and my family tremendously!! I was able to use it to pay bills, keep the lights on, develop my product, and buy some essentials for my business. Also taking pictures with a 5000 dollar cheque increased my social media awareness and following so much, which was amazing! Now what were the takeaways that I got from the program.

Takeaway 1, the fact that I was able to do the program with 25 other like-minded entrepreneurs who were all hungry, ambitious, and had fantastic energy made this program so much greater. Meeting Dennis, Derrick, Leila, Allie, Scott, Juan, Steven, Magdalena, helped broaden my perspective on life and also expand my understanding on what's possible for entrepreneurship. Seeing all different types of businesses and people succeeding in their own terms and crushing their goals which they set out for themselves was

exceptional. It was so inspiring because whenever I would feel down or needed someone to talk to there would always be someone there to assist me. Lastly, being able to bounce ideas off of people back and forth on a consistent basis made the program amazing. In a book called Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill, he always spoke about mastermind groups and how being with like-minded individuals increases your intelligence, so those were some great takeaways.

Takeaway 2, for me was definitely the guest speakers, which were outstanding. Every guest speaker we had, gave us a whole different perspective on business, entrepreneurship, and life. Each person had something different as to what they brought to the table and I soaked up so much like a sponge. I had three favourite guest speakers, which taught me very important lessons throughout the program. The first one was Melissa Mcinerney from TBK Creative, she was very wise and gave me so much insight on the ups and downs of business. A couple of things she touched on were the importance of soft skills, self-education, and it's not so much of your background, but instead of rather it's the value you create for your customers. The next one was my dear friend (pictured above), Swaraj Paul the founder of Taxably. He spoke on the importance of having a better relationship with money, so you can better help out those you love which I thought was intriguing. Lastly, it was Nicole Baronowski from Hairstrong, she really got to my soul, when she was speaking on the importance of authenticity, kindness, and expressing how it's important to do business with integrity.

Overall, this blog can literally be a book because of all the jam packed information and experiences the program was able to do for me and my business. I would highly recommend this program to anyone seeking guidance, mentorship, friendships, and just a whole bunch of love as well!! Thank you so much Leap Junction and I can't wait to see where my business goes in the next six months. Peace!! :)

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