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LeapIN (Week 4)

"Confidence is that feeling by which the mind embarks in great honourable courses with sure hope and trust in itself" - Cicero

Where we are, where you want to be all you have to do is just take that leap, trust your mind, if the feeling is right, jump! These lyrics are the epitome of the lessons that we learned this week at LeapIn for week 4. Is that you must believe in yourself, trust your gut, and have self-confidence in order to propel in business. Well, I am going to get into this a little bit later on in the blog, but let's review what I learned on Tuesday.

This week we learned about early adopters, who they are, how we might find them, and strategies to come up with in order to engage them. Now what is an early adopter, and how does this apply to my business in RKease inc. According to the definition in Exec education, "early adopters are the first people who are willing to try your product or service. There are only a few of these people (about 10% of your market), but they are vitally important to the success of your business. These people are so hungry for a solution to their problem that they're willing to try anything....including an unproven product like yours." There are also three more categories as well, which I am not going to focus to much on this blog because the topic concerning early adopters is important. These categories include, laggards, the early majority, and late majority. The key to business is to be able to gain the early adopters and then later win the early majority. Now early adopters are a group of people as well who feel an emotion, are aware of it, and are trying to solve the issue. They have been going through serious problems regarding their issue, that when you show up with your product or service, you'll be their saviour. For RKease my hypothesis for early adopters are tech companies who have a toxic work environment and want to enhance their employee well-being in order to reduce absenteeism, and increase productivity and bottom line.

On Wednesday we had an amazing time going to the gym and working out at MVMT strength. Which is a workout facility in the London area, ran by locals and also by an amazing entrepreneur which goes by the name of Nicole Baranowski! We did a mobility workout for about 45 minutes, which was extremely beneficial because I hadn't worked out in such a long time. During the workout, I heard my muscles crack, legs feel stretched, and it was overall an amazing workout. Everyone in the cohort, was sweating and had so much fun! After that we had a presentation from Nicole and also a fireside chat.

Nicole's presentation was on sales and marketing. She went deep into how to gain customers, which social media channels you should focus on, how to build confidence, and she was very transparent about her own achievements and struggles in her entrepreneurial journey. The best thing that I learned from her was that sales are "90% conviction and 10% persuasion." Having that inward self-confidence is so vital to be able to win over your target market because if you are unsure of yourself then others will be weary of you, but if your confident than they would gravitate towards you. Her charisma, honesty, and clarity for her presentation was outstanding and I would recommend her anytime, especially her Hairstrong business, which is growing all the exponentially.

This week was exciting and I learned so much as this blog was exceptionally long, but stay tuned for next week, as I speak more on stress, stress management, and my entrepreneurial journey! Peace! :)

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