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LeapIN (Week 5)

"Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice." - Peter Drucker

LeapIn week 5, was exceptional!! I had so much fun and learned so much about so many different topics which I am going to speak on in this blog. There were various things that I learned from the fireside chats to the field trips and to the courses. On Tuesday we started off discussing our homework that we had the previous week, then we started going over the material.

This week we started off learning about customer interviews. Customer interviews are interviews we have to give customers about our problems, in order to validate our assumptions for our business.By validating your business problem and proving that it exists your able to understand that you can move forward with your business entity and also make it come to life. The purpose of starting a business is to be able to solve problems that your target market and earn a profit at the same time. It's pretty difficult to do that, which is why people don't go into business, but it's doable if you are persistence.

On Wednesday, we had two guest speakers that helped extend my knowledge substantially. Craig Flynn gave us a lesson on marketing and Liz Gray gave us a lesson on google analytics which was exceptional. There were so many things that Craig Flynn said and spoke about in his presentation, but the two things that stuck out to me was that he told me that I should already start sharing my journey and be a thought leader and share whatever information that I had on my head to the audience that I am going for. I shouldn't be scared or worried about what others are going to think, but I should take initiative and start sharing immediately. Also he stated that in order to be a great marketer you must create a co experience with your audience. Make them feel empowered and make them feel that being a part of your brand is a part of them as well.

Lastly, on Thursday we went to livefit's manufacturing facility and were able to see the amazing infrastructure and learn how they were able to generate millions of dollars in revenue. Also learn about the grove and their incubator and accelerator. Next, we went to Kelvin Van Rijin's Fritter Shop and learned about his entrepreneurial journey. It was extremely insightful and he imparted so much wisdom on us. The greatest thing that he said that I loved was that, you can't compare your journey to anyone else, but you have to stay focused on your own journey and focus on that. If you compare your journey with someone else your going to get distracted, derailed, and not be able to do your best, but if you focus on your own journey your going to get so much further. It was an exceptional meeting with him and I loved the fritters. Overall, my LeapIN week was amazing and I hope you all enjoyed the blog, stay tuned for tomorrow as we speak on Perception 4, how to turn distress into eustress, PEACE!:)

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