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Mantra: Rest is Reason (Entrepreneur 1.0)

"We believe entrepreneurship is a process that can be taught" - Eric Morse

Morse, Morse, let's bring more facts to keep you on the horse

While I am doing the Founder's Journey for the second time, for Entrepreneuer 1.0. I wanted to bring up a point that Eric Morse stated within Western News ( saying that entrepreneurship can be taught!!


This case is similar to what I have been trying to stress (pun intended) with my "mantra", rest is reason that innate ideas can come from intuitive thinking as well as relaxation, rest, and ease and not just empirical knowledge.


The Berlin Conference is when 10 European Nations divided Africa in order to get cheap labour so that they can develop their economies and allow Africans to suffer on their own. This is what I call #UNETHICAL entrepreneurship, as well as #NEGATIVE entrepreneurship.


In this book by Brian Tracy he stated that you must "WORK HARD FOR A VERY LONG TIME!" to be successful, which is completely contrary to my belief system, simply becauase that derives from an empiricist and William Newnham.

"Whatever is done, it should be habitually done with earnestness; in every pursuit, exertion should be employed; work hard and play hard; always recollecting that quiescence, the stillness of inactivity is destructive to the mental welfare, and approaches very nearly to the winter of the faculties, the torpor of an hibernating animal, the unprotected state of sleep, or the complete cessation of life" (p. 602). " (

"As long as the brain has rest, a man enjoys his reason" is stated by Hippocrates Sacred Disease, so I don't understand why they neglect the physician's advice in order to create their own enterprises. This is completely bizarre, but this is entrepreneurship nonetheless, so Eric Norse, stays on his horse, because RK is bringing that FORCE!!!! :) We are going through the same thing, but just in two different lanes, so it's all good!

"Cause it don't matter if you're black or white" - Michael Jackson

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