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Product Vision: RKease Workshop (Sterling Capital Brokers)

"If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you." - Steve Jobs

Product vision, Patrician like Patrick, workshop has you musing, doing backflips

During the Tech Alliance GROW Accelerator, ( I was able to learn from a Vice President of Product Management of Sterling Capital Brokers, ( and he broke down the importance of product and how developing a product to solve customer issues is important for your business to be profitable in the marketplace. The issue that I see in the marketplace within the tech community is the continuous strain to innovate and workplace stress. Also how stress has been personified as a tool to go to higher levels of your expertise instead of actually managing it to build efficiency. Also there has been an unidentified market in terms of team building strategies within the tech space which actually build camaraderie among colleagues in a fun and interactive way.

Now in order for me to actually invent my product which is my workshop, I had to go to a previous conversation we had before at Jingle and Mingle ( I told Patrick Gregory that a workshop is like inventing an iPhone because your not buying the product, your buying the EMOTION AND FEELING!! By browsing through his website (, I was able to pickup a book which he read on how to invent tech products called "INSPIRED" by Marty Cagan. Within the book he spoke on finding the "right people" and how there has be a difference between mercenaries and missionaries. Here's the quote.


"Team of Missionaries. There are many benefits of product teams, but a big goal is captured by best by a quote from John Doerr, the famous Silicon Valley venture capitalist: "We need teams of missionaries, not teams of mercenaries. Mercenaries build whatever they're told to build. Missionaries are true believers in the vision and are committed to solving problems for their customer." - INSPIRED by Marty Cagan

Creating a team of cohesion is important within the Tech space is essential since Marty Cagan has it in his text and that's what I want to provide for tech companies, which I want to establish with my five pillar principles of stress education with music. Now why would I use music.

Music stems from the word to "muse", which means to be absorbed in thought and reflect. When your absobred in thought, you tend to go into a state of "ekstasis" in greek, which is called ecstasy which is the foundation of a vision or seeing beyond your imagination. One scientist who would use music to go into ecstatic states of the mind is Albert Einstein.


Albert Einstein had technical knowledge, but also had adjacent studies which enabled him to be able to stimulate his imagination to be able to think outside the box, with his technical knowledge, which is one reason why he created his famous Theory of Relativity, which is E=MC^2. For tech professionals, being able to to go to higher states of consciousness will enable them to create products and services which will lead to further innovations for their companies, which can make the brand more reputable, proficient, and astounding.

The five pillar principles are governing principles when it comes to managing stress which are introductory topics when it comes to stress education. Each principle can be found within medicine, therapy, and various forms of healthcare. These principles will give a basic understanding of how to not only manage stress, but use it as your benefit to be able to make the tech team the most stress proof version of themselves. Lastly, we will create our own jingle to put the team together and end the workshop on a high note!!

Overall, this is my product vision, and I hope to make it come to fruition with various tech companies in the SWONT ecosystem! Hope you enjoyed the blog, stay tuned for more, tomorrow, peace!! :)

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