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RKease: Brand Personality

"Branding is the art of differentiation. Brands exist because people exist." - David Brier

RKease is a brand, that will stand the test of time and will always shine!

During my time at Elevate Entrepreneurship with Tech Alliance (, I was able to learn from Candace Huntly ( the Founder and CEO of Songbird Marketing Communications ((

about what it takes to invent a brand for your business and what it takes to be able to sustain it as well. There were so many nuggets which I took away from it, and I can't believe that my brand has grown to the point where it is today due to consistent promotion, marketing, persistence, and grit. One of the concepts we spoke about is the "brand personality", which "a series of human characteristics that we can use to describe a brand."


In the seventh grade when I was living in Texas, I took Japanese class as an elective. Ever since then, I have been a consistent fan of the culture, work ethic, philosophies, and business culture. The R in the brand of RK represents the core value of RESILIENCE, which means elasticity, buoyancy, and the ability to recoil when getting struck with adversity. This has been the foundation of my life because I have been through so many negative experiences, but I have been able to turn them into positive experiences consistently! Kaizen means small improvements over time and this is used at the company Toyota for their lean production process. I hold deeply to this philosophy because by getting %1 better everyday, it eventually compounds to accomplish the end of the intention. Lastly, since ideas are conceptions this is similar to a masculine perspective, while kindness will represent a feminine perspective, which also is synonymous with emotions and logic.


KINDNESS is my second core value, but also characteristic of my brand personality simply because it is inspired by Nanny of the Maroons, who is the National Hero of Jamaica. She is the reason why I said that ideas are conceptions and you need two different perspectives similar to having a baby in pregnancy. Reading a book on her taught me that she was able to fight against the British and was a guide to her kinsmen due to her kind, empathetic, cheerful, and resourceful disposition. This is one of the reasons why I got into stress management because you have to be empathetic to care about someones healthcare and general well-being!!

EASE is my body, my temple, and the reason why I am the REPRESENTATION of the Male and Female which means I am a by-product of equilibrium, harmony, balance, and communion. By studying anatomy and morphology, I was able to become more malleable, docile, and pliant in body. This is due to walking, running, dancing, inventing jingles, and singing consistently in nature. Being in the cold, it shaped, morphed, and made me this way since stress is a true steroid.

Overall this is my brand personality and I thank Mrs. Huntly for educating me on this subject, as well as Elevate Entrepreneurship! Have a great day, and enjoy the blog, tomorrow, peace!! :)

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