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RKease Company: We Love Rocks

"A pivot is change in strategy, but not a change in vision" - Eric Ries

PDAC we love rocks because we rock so rock on

For the last three years, I have been trying to re-integrate myself into society after being sick with a chronic illness that almost threatened to take my life as we know it. Luckily, I was able to be restored, renewed, and reshaped into a new being that can change the world for the better. Therefore as a result, I have been participating in entrepreneurial activities all over the world, from Australia, Canada, etc. These things have enabled me to broaden my horizons as an entrepreneur and let me know what I needed to do in order to become closer to the founder that I want to be.


Being apart of PDAC a couple of years ago, was a great experience because I got to network with like-minded indivduals, and learn from industry professionals that were able to teach me how to get better each and everyday!! Now that I am back as a member, I am back better than ever before and willing to spread my POSITIVE energy as much as possible!! :)

In the past I created content for the PDAC on Instagram and I would always say a slogan which stated, "PDAC, we love rocks, cause we rock, so rock on". Therefore, what I did is take that same concept and mix some of my mental health research which I was doing with my robot and invented a stress education workshop business that reduces workplace stress with intelligence and intention. I registered my business using Ownr (, and I was able to get a RBC bank account. Throughout my time in London, I have been able to be a positive impact and a light for the community, here's a photo and link to my article below.

Therefore I have been able to generate clients paid and free over the time I have been here and they include some below, such as..

Fritter Shop ( : "MMMM tastes this fritter, mouth feels good it won't make you feel bitter"

AL Media ( : Al Media, Al, Al, Al, AL Media

Leap Junction ( Where we are, where we want you to be, all you have to do is take that leap!!

RK: Limiting belief, limiting belief, kick out that thought man, that's weak\\

Interval( : Invterval, Interval we are persistesnt we don't fall

Wheell Easy ( Wheel esay, make it feel brreezy

Mangdalena MIinerals ( Magdalena, Magdalena (X3) Minerals, Stones, Magadalena on the beat! (X4) Come get your minerals and get off your feet!!

These are some examples of some jingles for content creation, and to motivate my fellow peers. Also I have been working with Unearthed and Think and Act Differently these past two years for


Being apart of think and act differently has definitely been challenging so far in terms of trying to navigate the website, and the challenge which they are giving for us to do. But I just have gratitude at the fact have the ability at I to even try to think my head around it. Luckily, I am a persistent person and am able to think outside the box, and just keep going so I can submit my projects and keep growing my network!! Next year, I will finally be in attendance at the PDAC 2024 and I can't wait for it to meet all of the mining juggernauts who will shape me into the best version of myself.

I hope everyone has a great rest of the day, cheers! :)

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