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GROW: Intellectual Property (Cycle of Death)

"I am a strong believer that intellectual property rights need to be protected." - Jim Oberweis

Intellectual property, IP focus, financially set, growing like a locus

When I started building out RKease, I was motivated and driven by my past intellectual property which I was able to patent myself called the Cycle of Death because workplace stress has lead to many deaths, especially through the means of Colonization. Below is a photo of King Leopold Ghost, who was responsible for almost extincting my culture and people as a whole, so yea, "HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH."

` (

I remember being a student at Carleton University ( and watching a documentary called the American Dream ( and understanding that the credit and financial system has been a detriment to those who are financially illiterate. Therefore, I took it up on myself and the partner I had at the time, to invent a motivational page and an educational tool to drive change within the Carleton and Ottawa community.

I remember whenever I first copyrighted the work and how it made me feel it was extremely sensational and it kept me going especially during my tough days. What is even the craziest thing about it, is that I remember how many people used to come to me and say how the page was changing their lives. I will get back to that in another blog though, let's continue on my point and not lose track!! For RKease, I plan on utilising a tactic which I learned in Elevate entrepreneurship from Tech Alliance.

Alexis Conrad (

from the GROW Accelerator and Elevate has taught me a lot when it comes to intellectual property, but the best thing that I learned from her is that "you can get an intellectual property broker in order to sell it." These words stuck with me because the Cycle of Death Community was growing each and everyday, with 54 likes and followers, while it was getting traction with the business community. This lead me to going into real-estate investment meetings, with the likes of Rich Danby (( , founder of ( and Victor Menasce, general partner of Y Street Capital( (

Therefore, when I met Alexis Conrad it was easy to have conversations with her because I already went through the patent process myself and I will plan on looking for office hours with her in order to try and start looking at inventing a strategy to build around licensing this concept.

With that being said stay tuned for more and have a create RK, resilient and kind day, peace!!

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