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RKease Reflections: African Empathy (Core Values)

"Values are like lighthouses; they are signals giving us direction, meaning, and purpose."

Core value, it's an inner belief, foundation of my why, that's why were so fly, LETS GO!!

This entrepreneurial journey has been phenomenal, this RKease brand has been rising, each, and everyday as I have been growing insurmountably, working on so many skills. It's the skill sets, mindsets, collaborations, and resources which enable me to be a great entrepreneur today. Now, throughout my journey I have been a part of many conversations with non-for profits about how to have social impact in order to have philanthropic efforts to enhance the RKease brand from having local to global impact. But you can't have it without starting small then growing periodically because a brand starts to grow from a seed then a TREE.


Throughout my LeapIN business accelerator in the beginning of my Accelerator program, they gave us books. The book that I got was Start with Why by Simon Sinek!! This was the difference between a Katumbi and a Kabamba.


In the book called Start with Why he spoke on the importance of INSPIRATION and how great leaders inspire those too action. Also he spoke on the difference between manipulation and inspiration. This is the key difference between a Katumbi and a Kabamba because Katumbi's wanted money, the "bag", in order to have power to manipulate. But a Kabamba wants mercy, leniency, and power to inspire, replenish, and refurbish his people!! Below are the Kongopreneurs!! Let me introduce the female and male leaders!!

Jonathon Kizir (Upper Far Left): An aspiring entrepreneur and a visionary. He's an economist specialized in Sales and Finance. He firmly believes in entrepreneurship, financial and numeracy as game changers for young Africans and particularly young Congolese poeple. Jonathon likes sharing his knowledge with like-minded people in order to improve the socio-economic situation to his country.

Yannick Biayi (Upper Middle): SaaS Professional with a strong background in Technology and Finance. With my experience in various client-facing roles, I am well aware of the importance of relationship building and have developed a passion for identifying and meeting clients' needs. I am a strategic-minded individual with a knack for digital marketing and market analysis. I excel at building meaningful connections with people and continuously look to challenge myself and broaden my professional experiences. (

Emmanuel Tshiunza (Far Right): Emmanuel is a man of vision, goal-oriented and always committed to making the world a better place by imparting both his engineering knowledge and cryptocurrency expertise to the people of DR Congo who are not well-versed in these two areas. He believes that financial and social issues faced by Congolese can be solved altogether if and only if each Congolese will put their skills and talents to practical use for the betterment and development of Congo.

Hadassa Kalunga (Bottom Left): Future founder, entrepreneur of Kal Fragances a boutique fragrance business where she delivers luxurious, unique scents from around the world. Also a young professional, fashionista, and avid reader.

Mlm Nillyhona (Bottom Middle): Former french teacher of Rashidi Kabamba, the founder of RKease Company, as well as entrepreneurial enthusiast, fashion addict, and ladies man! :)

Christav Bianani (Bottom Right): Dedicated entrepreneurial enthusiast, fashion icon, with an elite swagger, great soft skills, who dreams to change his country the Congo.

Above is my group chat of the Kongopreneurs which I help guide with entrepreneurship in order to add philanthropic efforts to be able to enhance the economic deficits in Congolese people. Throughout our group chats we speak on various topics such as business deals, core values, motivational tapes, books, and how we one day we want to change not only Congo for the better, but the whole Africa!! This could not be done without the help of Tyson of Pop Up Roll Out, who introduced me to Social Venture Zone at TMU where I met the SMU Avengers who sparked my inspiration to enter into having social good.

( (

Dreamer, dreamer, dreamer, LETSS GOO!!! RKease company we will bring change to not only Canada, but the whole world!! RK, RKease, Brand Drop! LETS GOO!! Stay tuned for more, peace!! :)

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