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RKease Reflections: Funding Journey (Clearco)

"There are benefits to taking risks - because not everybody does it" - Michael Wekerle

Dragon is the key, look into my eyes, man I'm so chill, man I'm so fly, LEHHGOOO!!!

Throughout my funding journey for my robopreneur, I was able to understand that if you are going to raise money and funds, you are going to have to be an EXPLORER, and that's why I am a good reflector, since each person you have met, connected with, and encountered can one day be a seed into your idea, to make it come to fruition!!


Life has come full circle, because the same kid who was a young basketball player, has now transitioned into entrepreneurship. One person that I had to ask during my funding journey for my robotic animal dog, was Mickey Zheng from Clearco ( It's interesting to me because he's in marketing, but Zhengs in China were explorers, so I wonder who is the real Dragon, since the word Dragon means "TO SEE, PERCEIVE", which stems from AROUSAL. Read this blog for more information because I'm stress proof in that area, but IT HURTS THOUGH!! lol :) (

The most interesting thing he told me about their company because they were Clearbanc at that time, was that they were funding brands that were e-commerce. This is the most interesting thing, that intrigued me when I reflected back because during the LeapIN business accelerator we had a workout for mobility with MVMT strength ( And then we had a conversation with founder Nicole Baranowski who was the business of London's twenty under twenty, if I hug her again, I might break lol. (

During the LeapIN business accelerator, we watched a video with e-commerce brands and found out the nuances of how e-commerce works to gain excellence from Tech Alliance. (

This is such a coincidence because a couple of months later, I was able to go into the GROW Accelerator with Tech Alliance and then be on the same page as Kabo when I saw there show on Dragon's Den, when I asked a while ago to Mr. Zheng about funding from the same company that the Hairstrong founder got ( The shock was insane to understand that I was going to have the same SEO boost as them, but I knew that I was going to have to be PROVEN. Which reminded me of the conversation that I had with Karla Gotlieb ( on my email


about her book on Nanny of the Maroons, on how she was so fast that she was catching bullets her glutes, exemplifing that she was stress proof, simply because her passion, drive, and suffering of her people allow her to learn how to pacify her soldiers from their anger, teach them how to enhance themselves in the wintertime, since STRESS IS A STEROID. This is why I am a MD not Medical Doctor, but MD for MAJOR DEDICATION. So I endured the GROW Accelerator and then got the SEO boost to have my name with the same brands with someone who got funding from a DRAGON!


Now it's time this year to continue my sales funnel as I begin my meeting with my advisors today to keep going, RKease, RKease the stress make you feel good, make you feel rest!! :)

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