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RKease Reflections: Houston Made (Virtual, Swint)

"It's not necessary to go far and wide. I mean, you can really find exciting, and inspiring things within your hometown." - Daryl Hannah

Houston made, houston made, RK invented by Swint, see me on the front page, LEHGOO!!


Throughout my entrepreneurial journey it has made so much sense to be able to learn how to create a brand. Being from Houston, Texas that has been a staple point for me. But who is not the best person to go to, except from a high school friend that is kind, concise, humble, and straight to the point. Here company is called Gena Swint Graphics (

( (GUGGENHEIM!(Thanks Gena))

To highlight her professional skill set, but the one thing that stuck out to me is her quote, which states there is "Freedom in Creativity!". That's all I needed to hear, not read, because the words on the screen SPEAK (lol) because when you read my blog, called "Ikigai" ( We can fully understand, that Chick-Fil-A can turn into empirical experiments, that lead to understanding that psychology is the study of REASONING, and if fixed what do you learn from that. We are SEEING now. In order to have freedom in creativity as an entrepreneur, I have learned to pursue my ideas relentlessly, in order to fail, fail, fail, fail, fast, fast, because at the end of the day your MIND and BODY are organs which stimulate creativity because stress is a STEROID, so the more you endure, persist, and consist, the more you enhance! Let's showcase how this is possible.

It was difficult to be a robopreneur in a city, that was full of people who have their own perception closed. Therefore, I seemed like I was the enemy the whole time, when I was just trying to motivate, inspire, and "LIVE MY TRUTH" lol. Through this experience, it enabled me to learn how to convert Canadian dollars to USD through Paypal, like the fact that I had to put a down payment, and then see her whole design process was phenomenal. Therefore whenever I finally put the robopreneur project aside when I got a global network and pivoted into my next entrepreneurial journey, I already had the skills to begin learning myself to build my own foundation in design.

With this foundation, it helped me to be able to learn how to understand the principles of branding because I put the MIC there since it symbolises my VULNERABILITY and ELOQUENCE. Then the RK represents Resilience and Kindness, which I embody each and everyday that I exist! Then throughout this journey, I was able to get a partner, through the LeapIN Business Accelerator ( which made the RKease logo solidified when I got assistance from another graphic designer.

This label enabled me to learn that branding is very important, but you have to try first, and then through my meeting with my start-up advisor from Tech Alliance, Devin Golets


This enabled me to learn how to work with Devin Golets, and when we went through our brand palette, I had this knowledge in the back of my mind, like a predisposition. He enjoyed it, the time was funny, cause we always get along, since it's like a hockey, basketball connection, turned into ENTREPRENEURS! I love this process, thoroughly enjoy it, and can't wait to keep going in order to see where 2023 ends up. Have a great rest of the day, peace!! :)

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