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RKease Reflections: Mr. Gaddafi

"Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others" - Roy T. Bennett

Gaddafi, Gaddafi, RKease is a visionary, so you can't stop me

In the beginning of September 2019, I came to Leap Junction to start my entrepreneurial journey only to understand that years later that I would look back and realise that this life would be worth living each and everyday!!


When I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2019 with Leap Junction as a Robopreneur, I realised that my life has been like this all these years because of all of the questions that I have been asking to figure out why my life turned out the way it is!! This was my motivation to be able to get my feet planted in London and then keep growing each and everyday with my mentors, community, and at the time school which is what I thought.


Having a parent that worked in the United Nations has given me a global perspective on the world, but for some reason entrepreneurship is what stuck out to me the most, simply because I figured that as an entrepreneur you must be a problem solver, innovator, visionary, and boldness. Now how does this correlate to my life and how has this shaped my entrepreneurial journey. I read a book which enabled me to understand Gaddafi's infancy.


This book by George Tremlett was insightful, even though I didn't finish all of it. It made me realise something which was interesting in his book, is that he was ASCETIC and used to spend time in the desert, so that he can focus, build his inner being, and have vision. Throughout my years of my 20s, I had that same lifestyle, which I will speak about in another blog. But the greatest thing I learned about him was that in order to be a leader you need to have thick skin!!

How many people criticized Gaddafi, when he was a child he influenced so many students to pursue their dreams that people said weren't even possible, but he still pulled it off. Simply because of the title of the book, "Desert Mystic!". A mystic has foresight, futurist, and has the capability to surrender their ego for a common purpose, goal, and ambition.

This has shaped me as an entrepreneur to be able to have THICK SKIN!! To absorb all rejections, corrections, criticisms, especially being called continuously an occult leader, lunatic, crazy, weirdo, not even a man, when all I do is eat healthy, relax, and just be a solid community member, but that comes with the territory..

This is why at RKease we teach stress education to be able to understand that stress is the greatest solution for you and you can't avoid it at all!! That through the problem is the solution itself, and stress is a gift! Have a great day, peace!! :)

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