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RKease Reflections: OREIO

"Surround yourself with like-minded people. Success is a group activity." - Angel Alzona

Network in a group, with people that are wise, success is a journey, fail, get up, and you'll never die

Another edition of the RKease reflections, being a young entrepreneur myself has been a serious journey. I remember reading from one of my favourite authors named Robert Kiyosaki, and I am not sure if it was Rich Dad, Poor Dad or Rich Dad, Guide to Investing and within the book it said that you needed to go to a group with like-minded individuals in order to learn about business and investing. Therefore, I was a Carleton University student and I took my OSAP money and went all the way to a golf course in the middle of nowhere.

(Victor Menasce and Eric Trump)

Above is a video of Victor Menasce and Eric Trump, before I went to the golf course, I was super scared and nervous at the fact that I had to watch this video and meet this guy in person. I wondered to myself, how in the world would I even be able to approach someone with this much business acumen, experience, and expertise in real estate and entrepreneurship. It was one awkward day at the golf course, but through that day, someone tapped me and I was able to meet new investors. Through my journey at OREIO, I learned so much from the likes of Victor Menasce, Rich Danby, and the whole OREIO crew.

The number one thing that I learned from Victor is the ability to be extremely eloquent and be thorough in your speech. Every time he spoke about his deals, such as his investment properties in Chicago, or in the multi-sub group, I sat, watched, listened and observed his demeanour, character, and his poise with how he handled the community, and broke down case studies of his deals. This has shaped my entrepreneurial mind, to be able to talk to like minded investors and entrepreneurs, such as Brian Cram, Davie Lee, Kyle Braatz, Trevor Greenway, because through him I learned the power of soft skills and interdependence.

(Rich Danby and Christina Danby)

My favourite OREIO member of all time, Mr. Danby!! Every time I was at OREIO, I learned that in order to be a good entrepreneur you were going to have to "GET OVER YOUR FEARS!"


It was interesting too because before I went to that meeting, I had this book in my dorm room and I was reading it because OREIO members have a passion to read a lot. Then Rich asked me if I had $150 dollars to be a visitor of the REIN meeting, and that's where I met Don Campbell in person, as well as Richard Dolan. That meeting was exceptional because throughout that, I was so mind boggled at the fact that people who were successful even exist like that in Canada. Being from a background that is not entrepreneurial, it was eye-opening to be around so many like-minded individuals and I can't thank Rich Danby enough for allowing me to get exposed to that at such a young age. The journey has been extremely tough, tedious, hard, but through patience, perseverance, confidence and hope it enabled me to go to London and be a light to the entrepreneurial community there.


From September 2019, I focused on entrepreneurship and developed so many new skills, from learning value propositions, more soft skills, networking, business model cavnas, being a cheerleader, minimum viable products, and so many other skills. Accolades as well, such as a $5000 business grant, Tech Alliance GROW Acclerator Alumni, LeapIN Grow Accelerator Valedictorian, where I did my first speech and made people cry! This journey has been amazing and I can't wait to share more, have a great rest of the day, and stay tuned for tomorrow peace!!

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