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RKease Reflections: Patio Lanterns, Feedback Loop (Interval)

"Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man's growth without destroying his roots" - Frank A Clark

Interval taught me about a feedback loop, so I take correction like a military troop

Going to the Tech Alliance Patio Lanterns (

was amazing and I enjoyed the drinks, laughs, and all the information that I got from all the community leaders that I learned from. But one person that stood out to me was Trevor Greenway from Interval ( During the conversation, he said that I needed a feedback loop in order to make my business greater. Now what is a feedback loop, which we can understand because in the Leap Junction Accelerator ( we had a representative from Hubspot give us a lesson, so going through HubSpot I found out that a feedback loop which is "in business, this refers to the process of using customer or employee feedback (the outputs of a service or product), to create a better product or workplace."


Well, throughout my research and my studying, I actually understood why that is very important because my business is trying to tackle the problem of workplace stress, retention, and employee engagement. Now I haven't had customers yet, but I have had a number of iterations from a number of people who have been able to help improve my workshop such as the likes of Davie Lee, Andrew Leest, and the crew at Leap Junction.

(RKease Workshops: Leap, Tech Alliance, and Business Accelerator)

Throughout various workshops, I have iterated my workshop multiple times. and each piece of advice has been phenomenal for my overall growth as a founder and business owner. Also, the consistent feedback include from,

Andrew Leest: "That I am not a mental health practicioner",

RKease Iteration: I included less scientific facts and added more business facts in order to sound more economical

David Ouellette: "Stop using big blocks of text."

RKease Iteration: Changed to only have one line within my workshops

Davie Lee: You need an agenda, to make us understand what your leading too

Rkease Iteration: Added an agenda within the workshop to make it clearer

All of these iterations were done by listening to consistent feedback in order to make my workshop better and better each day!! I want to thank Interval and Trevor Greenway for teaching me about feedback loops to getting better and better each and every workshop.

Have a great day, and stay tuned for more tomorrow, cheers! :)

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