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RKease Reflections: Skyblue (Volunteer, Customer Discovery)

"Clarity and simplicity are the antidotes to complexity and uncertainty" - General George Casey

Sky is blue, sky is blue, RKease is clear minded, and knows what to do

Gary Vee, always said in his videos you must document your journey and don't create, that's how I invented my former website www.rkresilienekindness.vison on squarespace (

During my journey as being a robopreneur, it was amazing how I was able to come across a man named Reginald Moore. He had an interesting pathway journey to becoming a business owner with Skyblue Collective. Before he played basketball with a former London Lightning basketball player, Marcus Capers, an alumni guard of Washington State basketball and the London Lightning, and it was even interesting seeing, Clippers Guard, Xavier Moon.

Throughout my time there, I found an EIT named Gunnar Lehnartz, ( who works for a company named Robison Engineering


which is a full service MEP Design Firm Specialising in Hotel Design and Multi-Unit Residential Facilities. During that conversation, I was able to learn that our culture had an impact and an influence on his quality of life. He enjoyed basketball, hip-hop, and the same things that I did, but he was in STEM. That was the most important thing for me to realise, is that there is an serious interest in terms of black culture and stem students. This is one reason why I created RKease Company, which is a corporate wellness company using musical jingles to ease the stress of tech professionals worldwide!


This journey has been phenomenal because I have done this workshop three times over and can't wait to keep going on it, as I go on my sales journey to get my first official business contract, hope everyone has great RK today!! :)

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