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RKease Workshop Iteration: UNESCO City of Music

"Music is a world within itself with language we all understand." - Stevie Wonder

The city of music, music runs our city, a place where we look good, look pretty

While going through this entrepreneurial journey, you see the most important aspect of business is to be able to learn how to pivot, iterate, and create on the go. While doing my workshop with the Leap Junction crew, I was able to learn a lot in terms of feedback that they gave me for my workshop in order to improve on so I can get better and better each and everyday. As a music entrepreneur, by starting this business it has given me the skills, mindsets, and emotional intelligence to deal with uncertainty, criticism, and deal with the ups and downs of starting a business. Throughout my journey, I have had many days where I wanted to quit and give up, but that entrepreneurial spirit in me never wants to die and give up, since I am so resolute with my dreams. One thing that inspires me as an entrepreneur to keep going in music is the fact that London is a UNESCO City of Music.


London being an UNESCO City of Music is extremely inspiring for me because the city is now allowing the city to thrive, create, and practice music with more notoriety, respect, and helps artists build themselves in the industry. The London City of Music enables artists now to be able to thrive in London and will enable artists to get the resources needed to make their dreams come to fruition. UNESCO City of Music, means there will also be funding opportunities for musicians to thrive and keep going as entrepreneurs because its extremely challenging to endure and thrive with your creations when you don't have the support to do it. Here are some points that the UNESCO City of Music, helps music aspirants with the London City of Music.

  • Create greater inclusivity for BIPOC businesses and community in boom of arts and culture

  • Nurture homegrown talent

  • Attract and develop international talent

  • Assist and support more cities of music and strengthen the UCCN

  • Music Incubation

  • Inclusive community

  • Music & Film

  • Music City Exchange

  • Music Conferences

This is what inspires me to keep going as a music entrepreneur, and I am going to keep enduring the time to be able to keep my workshop going because when I see the fact that London is building a music community, I can be a valuable contributor to it so that I can share with the city my musical talents, gifts, and skills. I hope you enjoy the blog, and stay tuned for more soon, peace!! :)

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