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RKuse Jingle: Interval ($2500)

Updated: Mar 11

"Valuation is an ART, not a science. Because the value of a business depends on numerous variables, it can typically be assessed only with range." - Seth Klarman

Interval, Interval we are persistent we don't fall (Rkuse make the staff muse for $500)

This year has definitely had it's bumps in the road and had its issues, but over time I have felt really anxious in terms of the things that I go through as an entrepreneur because as I step into new territory as a founder, it gets harder to adjust too. Luckily, I have a team of founders around me to support me who I have reciprocal relationship with in terms of pouring into me, and I pour into them. Now let's continue this blog, and how I want to exemplify my RKuse jingle with another company that I enjoy which is named Interval.

Trevor Greenway ( and Colin Szememenyei ( have been two people in the innovation economy that have taught me so much in terms of what it takes to succeed as a founder. Now I was able to create a jingle for their team's office, but why did I get to that conclusion and that's because in order to be a founder you must have in "Inter-values" which enable you to get through day by day, month by month, and year by year. Also when it comes to making a valuation, it's similar to a diagnosis as in takes foresight, forethought, and estimating in order to come up with a final decision to know what the valuation is. Therefore you have to MUSE in order to activate those faculties within your mind.

Now how does it help company culture, this helps company culture because a workforce is similar to an army that is going to go to war for you in order to produce results. Therefore this jingle can be a form of battle cry and constant reminder that they don't fall during hard times but constantly persist in order to get the valuations done for the customers their trying to serve, people they manage, and business they conduct. One article, which stuck out to me the most on their website is the one which speaks on "Forest for the Trees" ( =

In this article, they speak on the day to day pitfalls and threats that can happen to you if you are going through your entrepreneurial journey. Meaning that you have to persevere be consistent and steadfast in order to stay in the game so you don't fold. Entrepreneurship has many twists, turns, and obstacles so you have to stay the course in order to make sure that you arrive at your destination.

Simon Sinek stated something important in his book which aligns directly with Interval, he stated that "Great leaders are those who trust their gut. They are those who understand the art before the science. They win hearts before minds. They are the ones who start with WHY. I'm not sure of the WHY of Interval, but I know in the beginning they had to explain the problem to their customers before they would sign on and then they pivoted to accounting firms when they were extremely persistent in not giving up which is great. This mindset is exactly why I believe that rest is reason, meaning that intuitive thought can enable you as well to lead to logical conclusions to make sound decisions because Interval went with their intuition and look what they are today, a successful fintech company thriving in the Southwest Ontario ecosystem!!

This is why you must come to RKease, to have a great time, learn some music therapy, become stress-proof and have a good time . Have a great day and cheers!!

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