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RKuse Service: CMHA (Community)

"Your mental health is just as important as your physical health" - Unknown

RKuse make the staff muse for $500

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I have been able to understand that giving back is one of the most important. aspects of this journey. This is why I have set time aside in order to invent jingles for organizations such as CMHA.

CMHA stands for the Canadian Mental Health Association, and it was founded in 1918 by physicians as a non-for profit in order to aid mental hygiene for "war recruits". This organization has done wonders for me during my own mental health journey, through providing me resources that will enable me to succeed not only in academic, but in career and in life as well. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to finish school yet, but I will be able to in the next year for my Human Resources degree, but luckily last year I participated in the Fanshawe Black History Month special as a client under Leap Junction.

(Fanshawe College)

Through interacting with CMHA over the past year, I learned so many coping mechanisms, and strategies that were able to help me grow my business, life, and overall character. One aspect that I have been able to develop is remove all negativity from my life, such as people who say that I am an occult leader, gong to sacrifice my mom to devil for riches, and kill people supposedly. Also, a core value of self-determination.

Here's a quote from his book, which describes his issues with harsh criticism and negativity!

"Lumumba had a keen sense of the struggle he faced to 'improve' himself. This effort of self-education was a defining one."

Self-education and the avoidance of harsh criticism allowed Patrice Lumumba to flourish into something that history can always be proud of which I always try to be as well. This is why I enjoy CMHA, and I was able to write them a RKuse jingle, which means RKuse makes jingles for staff to muse on company culture! Here's a copy of one below, I did for CMHA crisis centre team which has a 15 member staff.

(RKease (@rkeaseco) • Instagram photos and videos)

This is as RKuse jingle which enables them to be able to say it so that they can be absorbed in thought about doing their work so that whenever they are feeling stressed at work, they can sing the jingle in order to be reminded of why they are here and what they should do in order to keep being a positive impact in the community! LETS GO!

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