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RKuse Service: Fritter Shop (Community)

"The easiest way to make an impact in your community is just to be kind" - Joshua Williams

RKuse make the staff muse for $500

One of my favourite restaurants to go eat at is the Fritter Shop in London, Ontario. I have been eating there for the past three years, and it has been very good to eat, and I am a very strong Fritter Shop advocate.

(The Fritter Shop (@frittershop) • Instagram photos and videos)

Being a part of the Fritter family and Fritter nation all of these years, has been phenomenal, have been able to add a new dish to my meals and then have met a great entrepreneur and friend in terms of Kelvin Van Rijin!! I remember when we first met together when we had the Leap Junction photoshoot, and I was ecstatic to finally meet entrepreneurs who were serious, had businesses and companies that were ready to make an impact in the world. I have made full length jingle for Fritter Shop, but also a shortened one because Kelvin said that he wanted to be able to use it for his staff!!

The jingle, goes like this, "Taste this Fritter, mouth feels good it' won't make you feel bitter!"

This is exactly, how I feel whenever the Fritter is in my mouth and it tastes phenomenal, because it enables me to relax, have fun, and feel at ease which is why I am RKease.

When he first heard the jingle, he was ecstatic and he stated that he wanted his staff to hear it, so I figured that I should use it for other company's staff as well. This is why I called it RKuse because it goes with the word "Muse". Now what does the word, "MUSE", actually mean and what does it break down too.etymology is, muse (v.): "to reflect, ponder, meditate; to be absorbed in thought". Now this is an important tool because whenever you are going through stressful situations you need a reminder to get back on track and focus. In the Stress Management Handbook by Eva Selhub, she speaks about an emotional memory bank, which is very important which I am going to quote now. "Emotions and emotional memory are directly connected to physiological responses, both positive and negative. Any time you experience a particular emotion, your brain will search its emotional memory bank to bring forward assumptions, beliefs, behaviours, and physiological and physical reactions that helped you cope in the past. When faced with challenges that elicit an emotion in you, the brain searches its memory bank for details to see how such challenges have been handled previously, what resources were used, and what the outcome may have been and match the information with your emotional memory bank.The outcome is a reaction and behaviour to said challenge that is motivated by a now unconscious belief and assumption. Over the course of your lifetime, as one memory builds up upon the other, a belief system forms regarding how you see yourself, others, and the world around you, either positive—that you are enough and have enough—or negative—that you are not enough or don’t have enough.

All throughout the bible, you are told to "ponder, meditate, to be absorbed in thought" from Solomon, David, Malachi, and all the prophets, who used to do this whenever they were in stressful situation which gave them hope to endure and make it through the next level and it was EUSTRESSFUL!!! :)

With that being said, I hope you enjoy the blog, and have a great weekend, cheers! :)

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