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RKuse Service: Plumb Boys (Community)

"Everything negative - pressure, challenges, are all an opportunity to rise" - Kobe Bryant

Plumb boys have them stupefied, playing well together, man, word to the wise

Throughout my time spending in London, I have been able to go to London Lightning basketball games and enjoy an amazing. Their games have been so fun and enlivening. The fan base for the London Lightning has been extremely supportive and they go crazy for them. Over time, I have been able to build relationships with two former players as well, named Mo Bolden and Marcus Capers.


These two have been pillars for me in the community in terms of friendship, livelihood, and in some ways two more big brothers. But out of all the people that fascinate me on the team, last year it was Chris Jones.


I remember growing up in Houston and Tempe, and then trying to be a basketball recruit myself and being in the same basketball class as Chris Jones. He was one the basketball recruits I used to watch because of his height and how he had so much heart. When I hooped and played basketball for Corona Del Sol High School and also the Franchise Red in high school which is an elite basketball team, I had to war against the giants.


Now after going to Jingle and Mingle (, I was able to talk to Brennon D'Souza from Dibz ( and he was able to give me some insight on what it takes to deal with the sports industry from the players side and the office side as well, which I will have discretion on.


Now doing more quality based research, I was able to figure out why he has issues with his emotions which is a lack of emotional self-regulation, which I derived from the book called Stress-Proof Brain, which inspired one of my mantras of telling someone to be the most "Stress-Proof" version of themselves.


What Chris Jones lacks in my opinion is emotional self-regulation. Here's a couple of quotes from this book, breaking it down.

"Becoming better at self-control and self-regulation can help you to control negative emotions when they are ignited. Those who have good self-control tend to cope better with stress. They perceive fewer situations as being stressful and they react with less intensity when faced with a stressor." - Stress Proof Brain

Now what is the definition of self-control, which can be found on a Google definition.

"the ability to control oneself, in particular one's emotions and desires or the expression of them in one's behavior, especially in difficult situations."

Therefore it's important to understand that he lacks self-control, but can he gain it, he can, but what is the self, once again. It's the "psyche", which is the mind and he struggles controlling because it's fractured due to trauma it seems like. That's why every time he muses he sees images in his mind, which fractures and shocks his whole mind-body holistically. It reminds me of PTSD a bit, but I am not sure if he is diagnosed with it though, but it's similar. Now which coping strategy would I say, Chris Jones should do, it should be from last blog the power of "doing nothing", ( , here are some quick facts that doing nothing does.

  • Allows your subconscious to expand

  • Boosts creativity

  • Allows you to be introspective

  • Enables you to have a more reflective mindset

  • Triggers your imagination

  • Boosts productivity

  • Boosts overall health

Overall, I hope Chris Jones is doing well and eventually comes back to prominence in which he once was, since a suspension ( for a year doesn't seem that bad especially because now he gets to regroup, relax, and feel at ease to ease his stress, but it depends on your perception if you know what I mean! Good call Doug, cause your plumb boys really know how to manage themselves HAHAHAHAHAHA :) With that being said, enjoy the blog, and see you tomorrow peace :)

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