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RKuse Service: Unearthed ($5000, International Fee)

RKuse make the staff muse for $5000

Unearthed tell me what your worth, about to find minerals all in the dirt

One of my core values is to be a solid community member, locally, in the province, nation, and even the world! Therefore, being apart of the Unearthed Community has been a phenomenal experience, I have learned so much about different things in the mining industry and what it takes to succeed in entrepreneurship, business, and even in life.


Justin Strharsky of Unearthed has been of substantial help for me in the conversations we have had about trying to acquire clients, sales, and networking with HR professionals. Due to discretion, I won't speak on what he says, but he has seriously been of help to me. Meeting people from halfway across the world has been crucial and I can't believe I know so many business owners, data scientists, statisticians, and cool people that I get to bounce ideas with. Recently, I have been able to talk to Justin about how to network with HR professionals and let them know how to pitch my service to be able to get some money for my business. He gave me valuable advice consistently and it was phenomenal!!

Musing is also apart of reflecting, and according to an article by (,as%20reduce%20your%20stress%20levels.) it states that as an entrepreneur being able to reflect actually reduces stress.

It reduces stress because it triggers your parasympathetic nervous system which enables you to have rest, relaxation, and ease.

The pink is the parasympathetic nervous system, which allows you to relax, feel at ease, and calm down so you can feel serene and relaxed. I hope you enjoy the blog and stay tuned for more tomorrow, peace!! :)

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